Bounty Hunters IV No Prep Grudge Nationals Race



Bounty Hunters No-Prep Grudge Nationals
Hosted at: Alamo City Motorplex
March 8th & 9th

San Antonio’s ORIGINAL no prep is back!
Bringing you action packed no prep grudge racing!

Friday General Admission: $20
Saturday General Admission: $30
Weekend Pass: $40
Kids 12 and under FREE
Friday Parking(Pit Side): $20
Saturday Parking(Pit Side) $20
* Handicap parking on pit side (no additional charge) (free)
* Must have state issued handicap tag
* Free parking available on spectator side

Friday, March 8th
Racer Gates: Noon. Spectator Gates: 3pm. Drivers Meeting: 5:30pm. Racing Begins by 6pm

King of the Tailgate
2018 Winner- Kyle Buckmaster “The Luv”
Runner Up- Jason Cantu “La Viktoria”
$200 Entry, $5,000 to win
Friday, March 8th
12 vehicles for full payout
Must have functioning tailgate or tailgate provision
Molded in tailgates are allowed on all-steel beds
Trucks must retain steel cab (no all composite trucks)
No Pro Stock style trucks allowed

Street Truck Shootout
2018 Winner- Flaco “Baby Corn”
$100 Entry, 2,500 to win
Friday, March 8th
12 trucks for full payout
Truck must be registered/insured
Must retain factory pickup bed and cab
Stock style front suspension
Must maintain general factory appearance inside & out (safety items are ok)
6.0 ET breakout

Grudge Racing
$50 Tech Card
Friday, March 8th
For those not racing in a Friday class, this is your way down the track the first day of the event. You must be paired up with an opponent, NO SOLO PASSES.

Saturday, March 9th
Racer Gates: 8am. Spectator Gates: 10am. Drivers Meeting: Noon. Racing Begins by 1pm

Big Tire
2018 Winner- Steve Wiley “Texas Grim Reaper”
Runner Up- Cody Baker “Shake N Bake”
First 20 pre-registered FREE, afterwards $250
Entry $20,000 to win
20 cars for full payout
Door cars only
Car must start from inside without help
True no-prep/street raced cars only

Small Tire
2018 Winner- Rick Garcia “More Money”
Runner Up- Dylan Wells “Texas Anarchy”
First 20 pre-registered FREE, afterwords $250 Entry $20,000 to win
Saturday, March 9th
20 cars for full payout
28×10.5 non-w or 275 radial MAX tire size
Must be +/- 3in of factory wheelbase
No wheelie bars

True Street
2018 Winner- Nick Kallergis “Hitler”
Runner Up- Daniel Burks “Project No Luv”
$200 Entry, $7,500 to win
Saturday, March 9th
16 cars for full payout
275/60/15 or smaller DOT-approved drag radial
275Pro is allowed, Pro Bracket Radials are NOT
17in or larger diameter wheel can run up to 325 tire
Vehicle must be registered/insured
Stock style front suspension (no back halfs or aftermarket 4-link setups)
Must have a dashboard
Must be able to complete a 30 mile cruise without stopping or refueling
No swapping tires after cruise (if punctured on cruise, please contact a race official for further judgement)

Full Size Truck
New Class for 2019!
$200 Entry, 100% payback + $1,000 on top to win
Saturday, March 9th
Full Size Trucks only
29.5×10.5W or 315 radial max tire size
18in and larger diameter wheel- any size tire
4WD/AWD is legal
Must have factory frame
Must retain 2 front seats
Vans/SUVs permitted

6.0 Index
2018 Winner- Tommy Johnson
Runner Up- Sam Wilburn
$100 Entry, 100% payback + $1,000 on top to win
Saturday, March 9th
Door cars only
Throttle stops/delay boxes MUST be disabled
6.0 ET breakout

7.0 Index
New Class for 2019!
$100 Entry, 100% payback to win
Saturday, March 9th
Door cars only
Throttle stops MUST be disabled
7.0 ET breakout

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