Cody Baker Shake N Bake

Cody Baker Ready to Shake Up the No Prep World this weekend

It’s Sunday evening, a football game is on in the background, and Cody Baker is lying under his 1969 Camaro, affectionately named Shake N...
Ricky Wildman Wilson

Ricky “Wildman” Wilson unleashes the Junkyard Dog

Ricky the Wildman Wilson. Just the name alone should catch your attention. Ricky is a no-name guy just trying to make it up the...
Jared Mcnickle Squirrel

Getting Squirrely with Jared Mcnickle

When you think of no prep racing, you would normally think of the thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. Jared “Squirrel” McNickle takes that just...

2019 No Prep Kings Rules as of 12/3/2018

2019 NPK Rules NPK Vehicle Guidelines – As of 11.30.18 For Informational Purposes Only 1. No Prep Kings Tournament is a heads-up 1/8th mile class. 2. The use...
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