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A Look Into the Cutting-Edge Technology Being Used in the No Prep Racing Scene

No prep racing has taken the world of drag racing by storm. It mirrors the old school days when drag racing first got its...

A Day in the Life

As drag racers we get the question quite often of, “What is it like?” Well let me start out by saying, No Prep is...

2019 No Prep Kings Rules as of 12/3/2018

2019 NPK Rules NPK Vehicle Guidelines – As of 11.30.18For Informational Purposes Only1. No Prep Kings Tournament is a heads-up 1/8th mile class. 2. The use...

Origins of No Prep

When it comes to Drag Racing what is the first thing you think of? Many of you think of the big time names like,...

No Prep Racing Family…….

No Prep Racing has become a phenomenon in the last couple of years. "Street Outlaws" started this fire back in 2013, and it keeps...

Mike Murillo is your Street Outlaws No Prep Kings 2018 Champion

Just another World Champion to go along with the other 14 World Champion Titles.... Mike Murillo is your champion

Mike Murillo Takes Second Season of No Prep Kings by Storm

  The second season of the wildly popular No Prep Kings Street Outlaws points series came to an end at Ennis, Texas, with the top...




Brad Eglian

Brad Eglian – “Small town drag racer reaches new heights”

Modest to say the least, Brad Eglian is a true blue car guy. Growing up in Alexandria Kentucky, Brad came from a...