Purse Money In No Drag Racing Too Good To Pass Up For Even The Most Resistant Drivers

The amount of time and effort serious drivers of the No Prep Racing scene put into their cars is truly astonishing. You can tell that they take what they do seriously and want to put on a show just as bad as they want their cars to look good while doing it. However, the potential payout has to be respectable though, if not better.
No matter how much of a cult following No Prep Racing has the drivers have to have good enough financial incentive to compete. Well due to the rise in popularity of the sport, purse sizes are increasing. Increased purse sizes are making it tough for even the most resistant drivers to not at least take a shot. Yes, it can be hard on their cars and there’s no guarantee of winning anything. Drivers who feel they have the car and the heart won’t let this get in the way.
The No Prep Racing scene is able to offer larger purses for drivers due to an increase in exposure. Increased exposure means more chances to get sponsorship’s as well as some media coverage they wouldn’t be getting otherwise. The fan base for the No Prep scene is pretty die hard as well and this means they are willing to support the events in different ways. The loyalty and dedication of the fan base is what allows higher purses to be offered and as a result it pulls in some of the best drivers this scene has to offer.
Taking a shot at a big purse in one of these races doesn’t always mean winning is the major goal. The No Prep scene is all about authenticity and connecting with the fans. Some drivers might want to race in certain events because they feel it’s the best way to get exposure or to go toe to toe with another driver they might be getting compared to. Due to the more aggressive nature of these races some drivers seek an opportunity to enhance their brand image. Having a name in this scene is just as important as having skills, if not a little more so at times.
Yes, the purse money being put up for grabs in No Prep racing is attractive, but it’s not the only draw. The true nature of these races is to show fans something that’s going to be truly intense. Having a nice amount of money on the line just creates a more compelling allure and serves to keep eyes glued to the action.
Fans love to see the best drivers competing for big purses in No Prep races, but this doesn’t mean they want to see an over commercialization of the sport. In some fans eyes this would mean that you couldn’t always rely on what you see being authentic. It would also mean that some of the better drivers wouldn’t compete at some of the less popular venues, saving their cars only for venues where the purse money was going to be the highest. This would serve to alienate a lot of fans at the grassroots level.