Dominate The Most Challenging Track Surfaces

Mickey Thompson introduces the cutting-edge ET Drag tires, engineered to dominate even the most demanding tracks with unparalleled expertise.

Tailored for Varied Conditions

These new additions cater to diverse track surfaces, blending race tech with tailored compounds for superior performance.

Versatility Redefined

Three versions cater to specific vehicle types and track demands, ensuring an unparalleled racing experience.

Precision Engineering

Soft compound variants aid nimble vehicles in mastering unforgiving terrains, providing an exceptional edge.

Balanced Dominance

Mid-weight vehicles find their match in slightly harder compounds, offering the ideal grip and control on semi-difficult tracks.

For heavyweight vehicles tackling uncompromising tracks, a stiffer sidewall variant empowers maximum performance.

Mickey Thompson's ET Drag tire innovations redefine track conquests with unrivaled performance and adaptability.

Race with Confidence