BadAsh WINS + 247 vs Street Racing Channel, sketchiest track EVER!!

KD Dragway is one to experience! The hill is like nothing you’ve ever seen, the track surface and return road are wild, the racing is off the chains!!! In this episode, BADASH WINS!! Friday night, we test in true street, racing cars like @JimmyDaleRacing and @sinisterperformanceclub , tough draws and yet seat time up a mountain! Saturday was one for the books!! ⛰️🤘🏁 Entering Modern muscle…. Catch all the action here!!! Plus who won small tire? And a crazy round one pull against @StreetRacingChannel Billy Hoskinson and @theoldmansgarage ❤️❤️ Big thanks to @raggedyannohiosmalltire2329 🙏

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