Traction Compounds

Sticky situations in Drag Racing

Traction compounds have been around since street racing started. Everyone wanted to get down the street the quickest. They would try some crazy ideas from pouring down Dr. Pepper and sending it to red...
No Prep Kings Season 3 NPK3


Updated NPK Rules 4/9/2019 GENERAL RULES FOR ALL EVENTS: General Rules for Each Class. 1. The racemaster has final say in all calls and discrepancies. 2. All races will be 1/8th mile, heads up, from a dig. 3. No...

2019 No Prep Kings Rules as of 12/3/2018

2019 NPK Rules NPK Vehicle Guidelines – As of 11.30.18 For Informational Purposes Only 1. No Prep Kings Tournament is a heads-up 1/8th mile class. 2. The use of dual power adders is prohibited. Water injection permitted on...
Kye Kelley Shocker on small tires vs Kenjo Kelley's turbo fox at small tire legends

Engine Combo… NOS

  Nitrous Oxide…Also known as “laughing gas” in the Medical field, as it puts patient’s in an intoxicated state, has more uses then your local Dentist. In the context of racing, nitrous oxide is often...

Engine Combo’s…Turbocharging.

IF you are a drag racing fan and haven’t been living under a rock the past few years, then you most likely have heard of “NO-PREP” racing…An acronym for “No Preparation”…Where the track...

Technology replaces cubic inches

“Technology”…Just the word congers up thoughts of laptop computers, cell phones, GPS and all the small electronic devices, designed to make our lives easier. Technological advances have spread from the mundane, to the exciting,...
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