Big Chief’s Interview, Strips Mega Cash Days Naked

Big Chief’s Interview, Strips Mega Cash Days Naked
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Big Chief’s Interview, Strips Mega Cash Days Naked

While everybody else is trying to get your attention with terrible pandemic numbers or whether or not one should be vaccinated, we are here to bring you an escape from all of that, with the help of a video that will take you to an unnamed road in Nebraska, where the biggest and craziest Mega Cash Days ever was held.

It is Boosted once again who acts as an anchor in the studio, bringing us Big Chief to tell us all he is allowed about the Mega Cash Days, from his perspective, a perspective of a successful street racer who did not get the desired result in this event.

It’s no secret that Big Chief was excited about the event and according to many, including himself, this was going to be the one that he finally wins and he was honestly hoping to take this one home. Looking at it from the current perspective however after a few races which did not go his way, he is now jokingly saying that he needs to stop going to these things because he rarely wins.

We all know that this is not going to happen anytime soon, because this is a guy whose life is now enveloped in racing and no matter how much he jokes about it, we are sure he will be lined up with his buddies from the 405 locking himself a spot for the next event, as soon as the call is out.

One of the most interesting stories that Big Chief told Boosted was the one when he decided to go make a hit, illegally of course, and got startled by somebody who’s already there, just to end up standing right next to Larry Larson and Robin Roberts.

There are no two ways about it, these guys have been competing over who gets to rule the streets for years now, and to hear such a story of them hiding in the bushes and ditches from each other, all thinking the other guys might be the authority just to end up doing illegal hits somewhere in Nebraska together, now that’s something you don’t hear every day.

To top the whole thing off, other racers show up so all of a sudden Big Chief, Larry Larson, and Robin Roberts end up in the ditch again, hiding from other racers.

This might explain much about why some guys were more successful than others during the event. While watching the Mega Cash Days show, most of us ended up thinking that these guys have never seen this road, and have never made a hit on it, so since the road is as terrible as it was, people just could not go down it.

And now here we are hearing stories of nearly all the racers from Mega Cash Days doing outlaw things and illegally testing on the roads that they kept hating upon.


To be honest, we were expecting Big Chief to talk to us about the road and the lane difference much more, and the stuff that they kept talking about on the air, for example, how everybody was using different pimp juice which was blamed by some of the racers that it ruined the starting line and made it gummy, destroying their grip off the line.

It turns out that Big Chief has so many stories about Nebraska that he can talk about it for hours and keep us entertained with the stuff that was going on in the background when the cameras were off, and to top that off, we have to remember that there are many other things that he is not even allowed to talk to us, the general public, about.


One of the more interesting questions for nearly all of us, comes at the very end of the show when Boosted once again brings up No Prep and Big Chief is jokingly saying that Covid-19 had kicked No Prep’s behind, however, Boosted is trying to prove to all of us things are not as bad as they look.

Boosted is here to tell everybody the best location to get all the important news about No Prep, including when, where, and how it is all going down, and he recommends the best place to get all this info.

Once Boosted tells you where to find the best information about No Prep you guys will realize that you are already here ahead of everybody, and are once again you are the first to get to the best info about No Prep racing.