Brad Eglian – “Small town drag racer reaches new heights”

Brad Eglian

Modest to say the least, Brad Eglian is a true blue car guy. Growing up in Alexandria Kentucky, Brad came from a long line of car enthusiasts. Their vehicles varied from the Chevrolet Vega, Pontiac GTO, and a 1967 Chevy Camaro. Brad’s first car was a 1987 IROC Z Camaro, which he still has. Although it has no motor in it, but plans on bringing it back to life.
About 15 years ago Brad bought the 1994 Chevy Lumina that we all know today. He loves the fact that not many people see this type of car at racing events. People approach him all the time sharing their stories of nostalgia with these vehicles. The stories were mostly based on owning one or having family that did (this writer’s mother even owned one).
While he was bracket racing in the quick 8s, he received a call from Dean”Stinky Pinky” Karns, and was asked if he was interested in street racing. Brad used to race the Camaro all the time, but this time he decided to give it a shot with his Lumina, affectionately known as Luminasty. After being in two successful episodes of Street Outlaws, he was then asked to go to Bristol by the producers of the show. He thoroughly enjoyed it and from there his driving career spiraled upward. He was then invited to be part of Street Outlaws- No Prep Kings and reports of having an “absolute blast doing it all”. “All went well and we are starting season 3, I hope they have me in it. I just spent a lot of money updating my car.”
Because of his bracket racing days, Brad prefers the track over street racing. He loves how the fans can be more involved at the track. Street racing however is a whole other animal for him. It brings an entirely different level of adrenaline that he loves. His favorite track is Galot Motorsports in Dunn North Carolina because of its super clean and smooth track surface. This season Brad is in the top 10 in points, and wants to keep climbing the stats ladder. He has a 632 cubic inch BES nitrous engine, which is different from the usual 900-plus cubic inch engines out there running the same as he is. He did just build a new 822ci engine with 3 kits on it. This should be able to make 2500 plus horsepower. But Brad being the upstanding gentleman that he is, he would rather his car do the talking.
“I just keep updating the car, making it newer and better, and it seems to be working out well for us, and I like it”. Brad explains about his recent updates to the Lumina. These include a new Outlaw Powerglide transmission from BTE transmissions, building a double frame rail to the chassis as well as reinforcing a few other chassis areas. Brad knows with this much power in a car, it needs to have that much more strength and rigidity to hold it together. His goals are to make the car as safe and as strong as possible so that it can handle the increase of power from the engine.
Brad grew up around racing, he would watch the NHRA. He especially loved watching Pro Stock drivers such as Bob Glidden and Warren Johnson. Now Brad admires drivers like Mike Murillo, who are extremely successful, while still remaining humble and approachable. Although Brad says Mike needs to look out, because he’s not far behind and coming for his spot. This fun, family based group is just the kind of drivers the fans adore. Brad is so proud to have the fans that he does; they make all the hard work worth it for him. There are times that the team loses money, going to races, but that doesn’t stop him. He and his friend Brad “where’s my $20?” Fasse, have been known to purchase bundles of Hot Wheels cars for each race just to hand out to the kids that come over to his pit. If there is time he even lets the kids sit in the car for a bit. He and the crew love making it a family affair. “We always say, you never know letting that kid sit in the seat, may have just changed their life. That’s our future drag racers”.
“Here [drag racing] I finally fit in, I wasn’t the coolest guy in high school. I’m just a Kentucky hillbilly who likes to drag race”, Brad, again proving of his downhome roots. He is not only a driver, but a husband, and father to two children. Both of his kids (10 year old daughter and 13 year old son) race junior dragsters. Being both dad and pit-crew for them, he appreciates all the hard work his crew goes through to help him out daily. His wife is also a huge part of this racing family. Even for her birthday he took her to the track, he knew then she was a keeper. They make a great team together, on both his and his children’s race programs.
This year, Brad plans on coming for everyone. “There’s going to be a learning curve to it all, but we’ll get it.” Brad also has a firm moto of “doing more with less”, words that touch deep to those every day grinders out there, trying to make their way. As for his T.V. persona vs everyday Brad, he’s the same quiet guy and has the car do most of the talking. Just because the cameras are on doesn’t mean he’s someone else. If given the chance, check Brad and Luminasty out the next race you go to, bring the kids and hope there are some Hot Wheels left for you.