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828 Cash Days No Prep

March 20


828 Cash Days No Prep at Wilkesboro Dragway. 774 Dragway Rd, Wilkesboro NC 28697. March 20th, 2021.

Race Sponsors: Barrett Shook Motorsports, Scott’s Performance Automotive & Exhaust Matherly, Eldreth Automotive and Carolina Performance & Dyno.

Straight off the trailer heads up No Prep racing!!

Gate fee: $20. Kids ages 12 & under free.

Classes include Small Tire, Stick Shift, Street Car Shootout, Daily Driver & Diesel.

Class rules below….

🏁 Small Tire – Class Designation: ST
Entry: $100 – Payout: $1,900 added to pot as well as a brand new set of 28/10.5/15 Hoosier slicks provided by Barrett Shook Motorsports.

▪️28×10.5 Non W max slick
▪️275 radial or DOT approved tire
▪️Stock style rear suspension or back half cars only
▪️Steel roof & quarters
▪️No bars
▪️Street tire (hard tire) NOT allowed

🏁 Stick Shift – Class Designation: SS
Entry: $100 – Payout: $500 added to pot

▪️FWD, RWD & AWD all permitted
▪️Any size radial
▪️28×10.5 Non W max slick
▪️Door cars only
▪️Stock style rear suspension
▪️No bars
▪️Street tire (hard tire) NOT allowed

🏁 Street Car Shootout – Class Designation: SC
Entry – $100 – Payout: $500 added to pot

▪️FWD, RWD & AWD all permitted
▪️Must complete 15+ mile cruise
▪️Any size drag radial allowed
▪️28×10.5 Non W max slick
▪️Door Cars Only
▪️Steel roof and quarters
▪️Windows must roll up and down
▪️Stock style dash
▪️Must keep factory appearance
▪️Cowl hoods and spoilers okay
▪️Must have 2 covered front seats
▪️Rear seat delete okay
▪️Must have functioning headlights, taillights and turn signals
▪️Insurance, registration and plate must be up to date. Dealer plate OK
▪️Street tire (hard tire) NOT allowed

🏁 Daily Driver – Class Designation: DD
Entry: $25 – Payout: $100% payback + $$?

▪️FWD, RWD & AWD all permitted
▪️Must complete 20+ mile cruise and pull straight into the lanes
▪️Full complete interior (front and rear seats if equipped, dash, door panels etc)
▪️Touring type race seats OK
▪️No kirkeys or plastic race seats
▪️Cowl hood and spoilers OK
▪️No removal of any body panels
▪️Current registration, plate and insurance
▪️DOT tires ONLY no exceptions
▪️ NO slicks 🚫
▪️NO Radial Pros 🚫
▪️Windows must roll up and down
▪️Headlights, taillights and turn signals must work and be on at dusk
▪️Exhaust must exit past the driver
▪️Street tire (hard tire) NOT allowed

🏁 Diesel Shootout – Class Designation – DS
Entry – $100 – Payout: 100% payback

▪️Must retain factory body panels aside from hood and tailgate
▪️Lexan only permitted for back glass
▪️Any tire
▪️Any power adder
▪️Street tire (hard tire) NOT allowed

🏁 Rules for ALL classes:

▪️Random draw for pairing against opponent
▪️No times shown for all classes except Daily Driver
▪️30 minute cool down between rounds
▪️Instant green start
▪️Water burnout only
▪️Red light you’re out
▪️Cross center in front you’re out
▪️Helmet is required for all racers

** Non refundable deposit must be sent via PayPal to [email protected] (FRIENDS & FAMILY) to lock in spot. Lock in amount is the FULL amount for the class. Please include a note with your name, “deposit for no prep race” and which class you’re running and then PM me.