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January 22, 2022

Cabin Fever Cash Days 2022

Cabin Fever Cash Days 2022


Gates 9am
Front No Prep TnT 12-1:30pm
(boards off/cut slips)
Back of Track 1:30pm
Car & Driver or TnT Fee: $25
Spectators: $15
Kids 12 & under free
Back of Track CLASS FEES:
(Out of Season friendly pricing)
$100 Big Tire
$100 Small Tire
$100 Street King (Radial)
$100 Modern Muscle
$100 Stick Shift
$50 Street Truck
$50 Hardtire
$25 Showroom
(Multiple class entry allowed)
100% Payout of class entry to 1st place only unless finalists agree otherwise
Chip draw: Blue is left lane/ Red right lane
Callouts: 1st round only *If you make the callout you forfeit lane choice
💥Back of Track Rules💥
635ft, Pyop, off trailer no testing, flashlight start, finish line judge, tire crack, cross center in front or next too your opponent you’re out unless you’re 5+ cars ahead past 330ft and not gaining or affecting outcome. No offense but not giving any ducks a gimmie over a slight cross in race that was a sure win. We want good racing moving on. That’s a judgment call that I’ll make (Ryan Mitchell) if need be at the time.
💥Back of Track Classes💥
*Big Tire –
Door Slammers. Awd ok but must pair with other awd’s 1st round.
*Small Tire –
Steel Roof & Quarters Door Slammers on a 28×10.5 non W. No wheelie bars. Awd ok on 200+ tw hardtire but must pair with awd’s 1st round.
*Street King (Radial) –
charging and cooling system, all body panels (no hood ok), head and tail lights, 275/60/15, 28×10.5 Radial, or 17″+ unlimited width, no full tube chassis
*Modern Muscle –
ins/tag, 1994 & newer, full weight (rear seat delete ok), a/c, all glass no lexan, all oem chassis no tube chassis (A arms and other tube suspension components ok), stock style suspenion in oem locations, no mini tubs, rear exiting exhaust or axle dump, DOT radial 275/60/15, from 17″ up no width limit. Manual trans allowed slicks. AWD welcome on 200+ tw hard tires and must pair with awd 1st round.
*Stick Shift –
manual trans H pattern, 28×10.5 non W or 275/60/15, from 17″ up no limit. Otherwise no limitations.
*Street Truck –
ins/tag, full size truck, full interior, all glass, licensed and insured, working lights, no tube chassis at all, stock uncut cab and bed, RWD on any tire, AWD on 200+ treadwear hardtire
*Hardtire –
Rwd on a 200+ tw hardtire otherwise small tire rules. FWD allowed on any DOT tire.
*Showroom (Stockish Modern Daily Drivers) –
ins/tag, a/c, driven in, 2wd on a 200+ tw hardtire, modern full weight cars that were oem equipped with 18 inch + wheels (trucks 20″+)



I-64 Motorplex
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