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Joe Zolpers Builders Brawl

July 29, 2022 - July 30, 2022

Joe Zolpers Builders Brawl

***** BUILDER BRAWL***** NO PREP 1/8
*********** RULES ***********


$$$$$ FEES$$$$$

Daily driver—— $75 that covers The drivers gate ticket and entry fee for race.

4.50 index——$300 that covers driver and 2 crew.

Small tire———$300 That covers driver in 2 crew

Big tire————-$350 that covers driver and 2 crew.

Daily driver can pay a $50 fee to compete on the day of the race at the track headquarters. All other classes pay in advance online.

DAILY DRIVER***********

Do not need to qualify as a builder to compete.

1. DOT tire *no slicks*
2. No back half cars
3. Full factory frame
4. Full factory dash
5. Full factory firewall
6. Factory windshield
7. Must have exhaust and mufflers,must extend to the front of the rear end differential minimum. 
8. License plates
9. No more than a six point Cage
10. Must shift your car if you have an aftermarket shifter installed. No automatic shifting unless you have a factory shifter and transmission
11. Must have proper safety equipment
12. Must Pass Builders Brawl Tech
13. Instant green start
14. No times posted and is a heads up race.
15. No chip draw! You can be pulled in any order from staging lanes.
16. Convertibles check NHRA rules based on the speed of your vehicle.

RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG 4.50 index*****

1. Must manually shift your vehicle no automatic shifting allowed. Electronic or air is prohibited
2. Any tire size is allowed
3. Any engine combination is allowed
4. Anybody body type such as steel, fiberglass, carbon fiber etc. is allowed
5. Any four wheeled vehicle race cars are allowed funny car, altered, door cars, pro mods, dragsters,Small tire big tire cars ect.
6. Any fuel is allowed except gasohol
7. Bikes and jet cars prohibited
8. Safety equipment is a must
9. Must Pass Builders Brawl tech safety, chassis,ect. 
10. Times will be posted on board. WWT has a app for time tickets must have app for time ticket none will be provided.app is WWTSLIPS.
11. Must qualify as a builder.
12. No weight restrictions


1. No weight restrictions
2. Steel roof and quarters unless factory produce composite
3. No wheelie bars
4. 28 10.5 non w tire or 275 drag radial only
5. Must manually shift your car
6. Must have proper safety equipment
7. Must pass Builders Brawl tech. safety, chassis, ect.
8. Any engine combo accepted
9. Any fuel accepted except gasohol
10. Must qualify as a builder.
11. Instant green start


1. No weight restrictions
2. Steel roof and quarters unless factory produce composites
3. No tire larger than a 33.5 allowed
4. Must manually shift your own car.
5. Must have proper safety equipment
6. Must Pass Builders Brawl tech safety, chassis, ect. 
7. Any fuel permitted except gasohol
8. Any engine combination allowed
9. Instant green start.
10. Must qualify as a builder.

Small tire and big tire CAN enter the 4.50 index Race after first round eliminations of big and small tire class. This will be time sensitive you might need to hurry to enter we will have a small delay in the program for you to do so.

*********GENERAL REGULATIONS *******

1. No ET’s will be given or posted on board except for 4.50 index
2. All classes (expect daily driver) MUST qualify as a builder before day of race.
3. All classes are only allowed one engine and one transmission no spares. But you can rebuild your engine and transmission at the track if damage occurs. One block one crankshaft one transmission case is all you are allowed for the event.
4. Driver only must qualify as a builder no one else.
5. No sponsors on the side of the car or door is Allowed unless the driver personally owns the company. Sponsors on the back window,quarter glass and top of windshield only Is permitted.
6. All runs are chip draw except daily driver
7. You can only get the buy once
8. Instant green start
9. Water burn out only.two times allowed. Must let the other crew know as a courtesy if more than one burn out.
10. All classes 80/20% split purse except daily driver.
11. All entries must be paid in full 
12. No jet cars allowed
13. No motorcycles allowed (we are working on a class for that for next season)
14. Rules will not be changed to accommodate you. If you’re a real builder you’ll change the car to accommodate the rules.
15. No more than 45 inch overhang from center of spindle forward unless factory front end is longer.
16. Safety rules required as per NHRA
17. ******All fees and payment deadlines for racers is July 24 midnight.*********


 After first round you can challenge the credibility of a builder that if he or she is telling the truth about their submission .A $200 fee paid by the accuser,will have to be presented to the staff and a time will be allotted for you to prove he/she is not a builder. And for he/she to prove that they are. If you the accuser cannot prove your case that $200 is given to the accused And the race will continue. The challenged builder can keep that $200 or put it toward third place winner.
Basically put your money where your mouth is if you want to accuse somebody on their credibility. If you Don’t pay the money we don’t want to hear about it.

July 29 and 30th at worldwide technologies raceway in St. Louis

*******NO “AVERAGE JOE” LEFT AT THE ————————GATE!!!———————

Thank you for attending
Joe Zolpers Builders Brawl.


July 29, 2022
July 30, 2022
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