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Just Send It No Prep Race Series

May 2, 2020

Who’s ready for some more no prep action at Beaver Springs Dragway?? 3 action packed classes that promise to entertain, huge nitrous shots, screaming blowers and turbos big enough to suck small children inside, slipping, sliding, wheelstanding gear jamming heads up racing the way it should be!!

JUST SEND IT at the BEAVER (05-02-2020)
This race will be conducted on the track after the morning test and tune session.
No new surface Prep will be applied to the surface
Off the trailer.
Purse – All Entry Fees will be the pot in each class – 80% winner/20% runner-up in each class.
Three Classes – Outlaw 9”, Outlaw 10.5” and Outlaw Big Tire
Track entry – Race Car and Driver – $50 at gate / Spectators and Crew Members – $10 at the gate.
Class Entry – Outlaw 9” – $150, 10.5” $200, Big Tire $250 cash at the tent.
General Requirements
All vehicles must pass Safety Inspection.
All cars must have in-date certified cage.
All cars must run in-date belts, nets, roll bar padding, driveshaft loops, battery disconnect.
All drivers must have proper helmet and clothing.
Door cars only.
Factory appearance steel or OEM composite roof and quarters for year, make and model of vehicle used.
Aftermarket front ends must maintain relative OEM style/proportion for make and model of vehicle used.
All major body panels (except the hood) must be on the vehicle when racing.
Stock wheelbase within 3” for year, make and model of vehicle used.
Must have functional lights.
Air dams and wings are acceptable.
Beam breaker or extender permitted up to 47” from front edge to axle centerline.
Race Protocol
Heads up – CAN Tree Start – NO TIME – Timing system off – 1/8 mile.
Starting line is moved out from the track starting line and the timing system will be turned off.
First round call outs permitted. Call out must be accepted by the competitor.
Chips will be pulled 15 minutes before cars are scheduled to be in the staging area. If the competitor or their representative is not available for chip pull at the designated time YOU will have excused YOURSELF from competition.
Chips will be pulled every round to determine the order of runs and the ladder.
Bye-runs must take the light. Only one chip pull bye-run per competitor.
Water burn out only. Water will be provided. Any use of traction prep or water brought by a competitor will lead to event disqualification and banning from future events.
If you plan to do 2 burnouts, please inform your competitor. If you planned a single burn out and had/have issues, a second burn out is permitted. No more than 2 burnouts allowed.
No more than 3 crew members are allowed past the water box.
If your tire touches the center line on your side of the lane ahead or beside your competitor you are eliminated from the competition.
If your tire crosses the center or outside lines you are eliminated from competition.
Your crew will pull the front most part of your vehicle to the first line. Starter will pull you to the full stage line.
Beam breaker or extender is the front of the car and will be used to line the car up on the starting line.
Random start with a stationary light (CAN Tree) within 3 seconds of both cars being pulled to the full stage line.
If your tire cracks before the light is lit you have jumped and you are eliminated from the competition.
Finishes will be determined by a finish line judge. Starter may be called upon to judge close calls captured by the finish line camera. If the race is too close to call, it will be rerun.
Eliminated Competition cars are permitted to grudge race.
Class Rules
Outlaw Big Tire (BT)
Any car/truck equipped with a tire bigger than a 28”x10.5” (this includes a 28”x10.5” W) or bigger than a 275.
Any car modified beyond the limits of the 2 small tire classes.

Outlaw 10.5 Tire (10.5)
28”x10.5” (as marked and/or measured, non W) or 275 max.
No wheelie bars.
Steel firewall and front pan (exceptions to be considered on case basis [ex- Corvette]).
Must have 2 of the 3 major components:
Steel firewall in factory location.
Factory front frame rails (from furthest forward suspension point to the firewall).
Factory rear frame rails (notching for tire clearance acceptable).
Any car with Factory firewall, front and rear frame rails may run 29”x10.5” tires.

Outlaw 9 (9)
28”x9” (as marked or measured) or 255 max.
No wheelie bars.
Factory location steel firewall.
Factory front and rear frame rails.
Steel floors.


May 2, 2020
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