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Luck of the Draw No Prep Race

May 24 - May 25

Luck of the Draw No Prep Race
Luck of the Draw No Prep Race
Presented by Ohio Grudge Racing & Tony McKinney
Sloan Harrisburg Raceway
2101 IL Route 34N, Harrisburg, IL, United States, Illinois
The world’s first No Prep Race where the odds are, or are not in your favor!!!
Come join us for a Luck of the Draw No Prep Race and be ready to push your car, skills and luck to the limit.
Get ready for some of the most thrilling racing action around as we take it up a notch with this adrenaline-filled event!!!
This is a family-friendly event with the entire aim of having fun and enjoying a weekend of drag racing, inappropriate behavior will NOT be tolerated and result in immediate removal from the Luck of the Draw race without a refund
May 24th & 25th
Admission $25 single day, $40 two days ($5 off each day for seniors, EMTs, fire, rescue, police, military active or retired with appropriate ID)
$100 VIP Package (limited to 100)
50/50 raffle each day
cash games and prizes for EVERYONE
This is an INVITE ONLY RACE… no crybabies, complainers, or people who are consistently a blight on the sport…. can stay home and watch the No Prep Felons live feed.
128-car Small Tire field, 2 races 64 cars (Final 16 APPROVED racers picked by a contest where selection is made on Random.org)
Class A pays out $20k (1st place $15k, 2nd place $4k, semis challenge gets $1k)
Class B pays out $10k (1st place $7k, 2nd place $2k, semis race gets $1k)
All 4 semi-finalist from A & B classes will race for $2k
Second Chance pays out $5k
Second chance small tire class 64 cars max FREE ENTRY
64 car Max Hard Tire
64 Max Stick Shift class
Track scraped at random throughout the race multiple times per day
Water burnout only
Crapped out race, 2 small tire racers picked at random after the finals will race for $2500 (must be present and able to race to participate)
Nitrous Bounty: Any Nitrous assisted car in any class that wins the entire race will get an additional $500 and any prizes we can get from a Nitrous Manufacturer/ Class sponsor
Racers 11 AM
Spectators 1 PM
Drivers meeting 3 PM
Chip draw immediately after
First pair small tire 5 PM
Camping is available, price TBD at a future date
FLASHLIGHT START with ???? on the light
Off the trailer NO TEST PASSES
1/8th mile heads up
Touch line or your wall is ok, cross with the entire tire you lose
The flagger has final call on any questioned races at the end of the round and will ONLY LOOK AT THE OFFICIAL CAMERA
Single Burn out one, SMOKE equals a burnout, no smoke can make a second attempt.
Helmets, Racing jacket, and gloves are REQUIRED. No exceptions
If you attempt to make a pass without the proper safety equipment in place, you will be asked to find some.
If it happens again, you will be told to leave.
Small Tire
Hard Tire
Stick Shift
Small Tire Class Rules
28 x 10.5 non-W
Steel roof and 1/4s
No Wheelie Bars
Basic safety equipment
engine diaper
$250 entry
Small Tire Second Chance race
same rules as above
Go out in the first round can enter for FREE!!!
Hard Tire Class Rules
Any size wheel as long as the outside tire dimensions do not exceed 30″x12″ can have either 200 or 400+ tread wear like the BFG
Any front suspension, and rear suspension, any engine/power adder. Ballast must be attached to the structure of the car.
$100 buy-in 100% payout plus sponsor money and or prizes
Stick Shift Class
-Although we do not have a requirement on the MATERIAL your vehicle’s body panels are composed of, we require a full-body roof and doors. YOUR CAR/TRUCK MUST HAVE FUNCTIONING DOORS!
CAR MAY ROCK OR “CREEP” UP TO 6″ WHILE STAGED if deemed intentionally done will result in disqualification
-Must be an H pattern transmission (no sequential alterations)
$100 buy-in 100% payout plus sponsor money and or prizes


Sloan Harrisburg Raceway
QF55+6M Harrisburg, Illinois
Harrisburg, IL 62946 United States
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