Mike Murillo Takes Second Season of No Prep Kings by Storm


The second season of the wildly popular No Prep Kings Street Outlaws points series came to an end at Ennis, Texas, with the top big-tire no preppers in the country on a huge stage—the best of the best in the hunt for the points championship. As if we needed proof that television is an incredibly powerful entity, the stands packed full from Tucson to Ohio and every stop in between on the no prep tour indicate that drag racing is alive and well.

Nine points events, 32 big-tire contenders. The kings and queens of the gritty street-to-strip scene. Big blocks, small blocks, turbos, nitrous, blowers—each racer possesses thousands of horsepower. No prep racing is shaping up to be the next big thing in drag racing, and the Discovery Channel is giving these competitors their moment in the sun with the second season airing soon, creating stars nearly overnight, and bringing new fans with every episode.

The climate has shifted significantly from last year with controversial rule changes knocking guys off their routine of going rounds with such ease, like James “Birdman” Finney (season one champion), all while shaking up the rumors about 405 being a shoo-in for victory. We feel sure the air is clear of those rumors…for now anyway.

The second season of NPK was full of twists, turns, and unexpected wins that kept the audience glued for more, and kept the racers giving everything they have financially and mentally to make it to the next show. Paying out a stout $40,000 purse for the big-tire class each event catapults the competition into a new realm and shifts every no prep drag racers focus to leaving absolutely nothing on the table. One of the most recognizable names in drag racing, Mike Murillo, and his Eat Race Die team fought the good fight against the best no prep drag racers in the country.

Third in points headed into this final event, the task at hand was a big one. Murillo has been hard at work on his famous big-tire fox body mustang program for years now and the words “14-time world champion” follow him wherever he goes, almost like a fog that just won’t lift. Alas, the road from the 14th world championship win in 2012 at NMRA and NMCA to right now has been a long one, and for Mike, the number 14 has become rather stagnant.

His iconic black Foxbody Mustang, affectionately named LaFawnduh, has been through many stages of life and has made thousands of passes down the track in almost every state in the country. She’s worn out, but clearly has a new sparkle in her eye with a fresh big block built by Kayla Morton, Miss Hot Mess Express herself, fed by trusty twin Precision turbos, Mike has found his mojo again! After an exciting win in Colorado in September against 405 racer, Ryan Martin, all eyes were on Murillo.

The team celebrated one of the biggest victories of his rich racing career tonight as he plowed through the field of competitors, sitting third in points for the season in his home state of Texas, ultimately taking home the event win with $40,000 and squeaking by into champion-mode by a meager ten points over Ryan “Fireball” Martin, giving Mike a nice cash bonus of $50,000, a brand new stacker trailer, a custom golf cart, wheels, brakes, and more to end the No Prep Kings season.

Huge congrats to Mike Murillo, Lisa Murillo, William Murillo, and Team Eat Race Die Productions on a WIN well deserved! Make it 15 world championships now! Team Texas to the front!