No Prep, No Excuses: Volume 2!

No Prep No Excuses

No Prep No Excuses

As everyone remembers the first “No Prep, No Excuses” event, this is Volume 2, the return of NO PREP racing at Wilkesboro Dragway!

Gate: Spectators $15 (includes TNT), Ages 12 & under free!

Classes include: Small tire, Big tire, Street racer, Stick shift and Street diesel! Payouts & Class entry fees will be added ASAP!

Class rules:

Small Tire – Class Designation: ST
Entry: $100 – Payout: $2000, $100 added each car!

1. 28×10.5 non w slick or smaller, 325/50/15, 275/60/15 or smaller drag radial.
2. No wheelie bars
3. No weights
4. Stock suspension or back half only

Big Tire – Class Designation: BT
Entry: $100 – Payout: 100% payback

1. Any size tire
2. Wheelie bars allowed
3. No weights
4. Any style chassis (door cars only)

Street Racer – Class Designation: SR
Entry: $50 – Payout: $500, $100 added each car.

1. Any DOT approved tire, FWD allowed slicks.
2. Car must appear factory styling:
– Exterior: Cowl hood OK, no aftermarket scoops (only factory option scoop allowed), no removal of any body panel, working headlights and taillights (must be on if dusk)
– Interior: Windows must roll up and down, no lexan windows, must have 2 covered front seats, and stock style dash.
3. Must have exhaust with muffler (must be 50% of the vehicle length. Turbo counts as a muffler.)
4. Must have current tags, registration, and insurance
5. 6.30 index. (No times shown, no delay boxes, or throttle stops allowed)

Stick Shift – Class Designation: SS
Entry: $50 – Payout: $500, $100 added each car.

1. Any size drag radial, 28×10.5 slick. FWD allowed slick.
2. Must be 4,5,6,7 speed “H” pattern clutch assisted vehicle.
3. Exterior: must be factory style appearing (FWD/AWD allowed aftermarket front, RWD allowed Schoneck front.) No forward facing hood scoops unless front factory. Cowl hoods OK.
4. Interior: RWD/AWD must have 2 seats. FWD only one seat needed. Must have a dash.
5. Suspension:
– RWD: Stock Style Suspension
– FWD: No full tube “Hot rod” style cars
– AWD: Must be a factory AWD chassis (no swaps, stock style suspension)
6. No wheelie bars allowed on any combo

Street Diesel – Class Designation: SD
Entry: $25 – 100% payback

1. Must be a production chassis
2. DOT approved tires only
3. Must be tagged and insured
4. Working headlights and taillights (must be on if dusk.)

All classes –

1. Random draw to race opponent. First draw is left lane, second is right lane and so on. Racers may agree to swap lanes if they choose.
2. No times shown on all classes, will be ran on an instant green.
3. Water burnouts ONLY. This is “no prep.”
4. Red light, crossing the center (in front), or hitting the wall results in a DQ.
5. Helmet required for ALL racers. As much safety as possible would be great, but not required!
6. Racers will not be allowed to TNT if they are still in their class and haven’t been eliminated. If you have been eliminated from your class, you can TNT.

***(Rules subject to change race date. Make sure to stay up to date on the event page if there is any changes as I will announce them.)***