Official Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Points Standings Season 4 Leaderboard

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings 4th Season 2021 POINT STANDINGS

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Points Standings Season 4

These will be updated as the standings change throughout the season

NPK points standings after Louisiana

1. Ryan Martin 255
T2. Kye Kelley 210
T2. Justin Swan 210
4. Robin Roberts 205
5. Lizzy Musi 195
6. Scott Taylor 170
7. Cody Baker 160
8. Eric Kvilhaug 150
9. Jerry Bird 145
T10. Rich Bruder 130
T10. Disco Dean 130
T12. Mike Murillo 120
T12. Murder Nova 120
14. Jeff Lutz 115
T15. Jim Howe 100
T15. Mike Bowman 100
T15. Birdman 100
T15. Chuck Seitsinger 100
19. Larry Larson 95
20. Wayne Smozanek 90
T21. B-Rad 85
T21. Randy Williams 85
T21. Tony McKinney 85
T21. Kamikaze 85
25. Bobby Ducote 80
26. Brandon James 75
27. Shawn Wilhoit 65
T28. Monza 60
T28. Tim Brown 60
T30. James Strang 55
T30. Dominator 55
T32. Stan Allen 45
T32. Chuck 55 – 45
T32. Dave Adkins 45
T35. Johnny Quick 40
T35. Daddy Dave 40
T37. Jerry Jahnsen 35
T37. Doc 35
39. Eric Bain 30
40. Adam Jennings 15
T41. Boddie 10
T41. Chucky Davis 10
T43. Giuseppe 5
T43. Kelly Bluebaugh 5

NPK standings after Texas

1. Ryan Martin 235
T2. Kye Kelley 195
T2. Justin Swan 195
T2. Robin Roberts 195
5. Lizzy Musi 180
6. Scott Taylor 155
T7. Eric Kvilhaug 150
T7. Cody Baker 150
T9. Jerry Bird 125
T9. Rich Bruder 125
T11. Mike Murillo 115
T11. Murder Nova 115
13. Disco Dean 105
T14. Birdman 95
T14. Chuck Seitsinger 95
T16. Jim Howe 90
T16. Larry Larson 90
T16. Mike Bowman 90
T19. Wayne Smozanek 85
T19. Jeff Lutz 85
T21. B-Rad 80
T21. Kamikaze 80
T21. Randy Williams 80
T24. Bobby Ducote 75
T24. Tony McKinney 75
26. Brandon James 65
T27. Monza 60
T27. Shawn Wilhoit 60
29. James Strang 55
T30. Tim Brown 50
T30. Dominator 50
T32. Chuck 55 – 45
T32. Dave Adkins 45
T34. Stan Allen 40
T34. Johnny Quick 40
36. Jerry Jahnsen 35
T37. Doc 30
T37. Eric Bain 30
T37. Daddy Dave 30
40. Adam Jennings 15
41. Chucky Davis 10
T42. Giuseppe 5
T42. Kelly Bluebaugh 5
T42. Boddie 5

NPK standings after Tulsa

1. Ryan Martin 230
2. Kye Kelley 185
T3. lizzy Musi 170
T3. Robin Roberts 170
5. Justin Swan 165
T6. Scott Taylor 150
T6. Eric Kvilhaug 150
8. Cody Baker 130
9. Rich Bruder 115
T10. Jerry Bird 105
T10. Mike Murillo 105
T10. Murder Nova 105
T13. Disco Dean 90
T13. Birdman 90
T15. Jim Howe 85
T15. Larry Larson 85
T15. Chuck Seitsinger 85
T18. Wayne Smozanek 80
T18. B-Rad 80
T18. Jeff Lutz 80
T21. Kamikaze 75
T21. Randy Williams 75
T21. Mike Bowman 75
T24. Tony McKinney 70
T24. Bobby Ducote 70
26. Brandon James 60
T27. Monza 55
T27. Shawn Wilhoit 55
T29. James Strang 50
T29. Tim Brown 50
T31. Chuck 55- 45
T31. Dave Adkins 45
T33. Stan Allen 40
T33. Dominator 40
T35. Johnny Quick 30
T35. Doc 30
37. Eric Bain 25
38. Jerry Jahnston 20
T39. Adam Jennings 15
T39. Daddy Dave 15
41. Chucky Davis 10
T42. Giuseppe 5
T42. Kelly Bluebaugh 5
T42. Boddie 5

NPK points after Colorado (with adjustments from Tucson)

1.Ryan Martin-200
2.Kye Kelley-170
3.Robin Roberts-160
4.Eric Kvilhaug-150
T5.Lizzy Musi-145
T5.Justin Swan-145
7.Scott Taylor-135
8.Cody Baker-125
9.Murder Nova-100
T10.Jerry Bird-95
T10.Rich Bruder-95
T10.Mike Murillo-95
T14.Jim Howe-80
T14.Disco Dean-80
T16.Larry Larson-75
T16.Wayne Smozanek-75
T16.Chuck Seitsinger-75
T16.Jeff Lutz-75
T20.Randy Williams-70
T22.Tony McKinney-65
T22.Bobby Ducote-65
25.Mike Bowman-60
T26.Brandon James-55
T26.Shawn Wilhoit-55
29.James Strang-50
30.Chuck 55-45
T31.David Adkins-40
T31.Tim Brown-40
33.Stan Allen-35
T34.Johnny Quick-30
T36.Eric Bain-25
38. Jerry Jahnsen-20
T39.Chucky Davis-10
T39.Adam Jennings-10
T39.Daddy Dave-10
T42.Kelly Bluebaugh-5

NPK standings after Tucson AZ

1. Ryan Martin-180
2. Kye Kelley-165
3. Eric Kvilhaug-150
4. Robin Roberts-145
5. Scott Taylor-130
6. Justin Swan-125
7. Lizzy Musi-115
8. Cody Baker-110
9. Jerry Bird-100
10. Mike Murillo-95
11. Rich Bruder-90
T12. Birdman-85
T12. Murder Nova-85
14. Jim Howe-75
T15. Disco Dean-70
T15. Larry Larson-70
T15. Wayne Smozanek-70
T15. Chuck Seitsinger-70
T19. Bobby Ducote-60
T19. Randy Williams-60
T19. Tony McKinney-60
T19. Kamikaze-60
T23. B-Rad-50
T23. Brandon James-50
T23. Monza-50
T23. Mike Bowman-50
T23. Jeff Lutz-50
28. Shawn Wilhoit-45
T29. David Adkins-40
T29. James Strang-40
T31. Stan Allen-35
T31. Chuck 55-35
T31. Tim Brown-35
T34. Doc-25
T34. Dominator-25
T34. Johnny Quick-25
T34. Eric Bain-25
38. Jerry Jahnsen-20
T39. Chucky Davis-10
T39. Adam Jennings-10
T41. Gusieppe-5
T41. Kelly Bluebaugh-5
T41. Boddie-5
T41. Daddy Dave-5

NPK points after Idaho

1. Ryan Martin- 165
T2. Kye Kelley- 140
T2. Robin Roberts- 140
4. Eric Kvilhaug- 135
5. Scott Taylor- 115
6. Justin Swan- 105
7. Cody Baker- 100
8. Jerry Bird- 95
9. Mike Murillo- 90
T10. Lizzy Musi- 85
T10. Rich Bruder-85
12. Birdman-80
13. Murder Nova-75
T14. Disco Dean-70
T14. Jim Howe-70
T16. Larry Larson-65
T16. Wayne Smozanek-65
T18. Kamikaze-60
T18. Chuck Seitsinger-60
20. Randy Williams-55
T21. B-Rad-50
T21. Tony McKinney-50
T23. Brandon James-45
T23. Bobby Ducote-45
T23. Jeff Lutz-45
T26. Dave Adkins-40
T26. James Strang-40
T26. Monza-40
T26. Mike Bowman-40
T30. Stan Allen-30
T30. Chuck 55-30
T32. Johnny Quick-25
T32. Tim Brown-25
T32. Eric Bain-25
T32. Doc-25
T32. Shawn Wilhoit-25
37. Jerry Jahnsen-20
38. Dominator-15
39. Chucky Davis-10
T40. Adam Jennings-5
T40. Boddie-5
T40. Kelly Bluebaugh-5
T40. Daddy Dave.


NPK points after Virginia

Updated with new information

1. Ryan Martin 135
T2. Kye Kelley 125
T2. Eric Kvilhaug 125
4. Robin Roberts 115
5. Justin Swan 100
T6. Scott Taylor 95
T6. Cody Baker 95
T8. Jerry Bird 85
T8. Mike Murillo 85
T8 Rich Bruder 85
T11. Lizzy Musi 70
T11. Birdman 70
T13. Disco Dean 65
T13. Jim Howe 65
T13. Murder Nova 65
16. Larry Larson 60
T17. Wayne Smozanek 55
T17. Chuck Seitsinger 55
T19. B-Rad 50
T19. Kamikaze 50
T19. Randy Williams 50
22. Tony McKinney 45
T23. Brandon James 40
T23. Bobby Ducote 40
T23. David Adkins 40
T23. Jeff Lutz 40
27. James Strang 35
28. Monza 30
T29. Johnny Quick 25
T29. Tim Brown 25
T29. Eric Bain 25
T32. Doc 20
T32. Mike Bowman 20
T32. Jerry Jahnsen 20
T32. Shawn Wilhoit 20
T36. Stan Allen 15
T36. Chuck 55 15
38. Chucky Davis 10
T39. Dominator 5
T39. Boddie 5
T39. Kelly Bluebaugh 5
T39. Daddy Dave 5

NPK Points standings after Cordova IL
T1. Eric Kvilhaug 120pts
T1. Ryan Martin 120pts
3. Robin Roberts 110pts
4. Kye Kelley 95pts
5. Justin Swan 90pts
T6. Scott Taylor 85pts
T6. Cody Baker 85pts
8. Jerry Bird 70pts
9. Mike Murillo 65pts
T10. Lizzy Musi 60pts
T10. Rich Bruder 60pts
T10. Disco Dean 60pts
T13. Larry Larson 55pts
T13. Jim Howe 55pts
T15. Murder Nova 50pts
T15. Chuck Seitsinger 50pts
T15. Birdman 50pts
T18. B-Rad 45pts
T18. Kamikaze 45pts
T18. Wayne Smozanek 45pts
T18. Randy Williams 45pts
T22. Tony Mckinney 40pts
T22. Brandon James 40pts
24. James Strang 35pts
T25. Bobby Ducote 30pts
T25. David Adkins 30pts
T25. Monza 30pts
T25. Jeff Lutz 30pts
T29. Johnny Quick 25pts
T29. Eric Bain 25pts
T31. Mike Bowman 20pts
T31. Jerry Jahnsen 20pts
T31. Tim Brown 20pts
T34. Shawn Wilhoit 15pts
T34. Doc 15pts
T36. Chuck 55 10pts
T36. Stan Allen 10pts
T36. Brian Chucky Davis 10pts
T39. Boddie 5pts
T39. Kelly Bluebaugh 5pts
T39. David Comstock 5pts

NPK Points after Darlington

1. Ryan Martin 105pts
2. Eric Kvilhaug 90pts
T3. Kye Kelley 85pts
T3. Robin Roberts 85pts
5. Cody Baker 80pts
6. Justin Swan 75pts
7. Scott Taylor 70pts
T8. Lizzy Musi 55pts
T8. Rich Bruder 55pts
T10. Jerry Bird 50pts
T10. Disco Dean 50pts
T10. Mike Murrilo 50pts
T10. Larry Larson 50pts
T14. Murder Nova 45pts
T14. Birdman 45pts
T16. B-Rad 40pts
T16. Kamikaze 40pts
T16. Chuck Seitsinger 40pts
T19. Tony Mckinney 35pts
T19. Wayne Smozanek 35pts
T19. Randy Williams 35pts
T19. Jim Howe 35pts
T19. Brandon James 35pts
24. James Strang 30pts
25. Jeff Lutz 25pts
T26. Bobby Ducote 20pts
T26. Mike Bowman 20pts
T26. Johnny Quick 20pts
T26. Eric Bain 20pts
T26. David Adkins 20pts
T26. Monza 20pts
T26. Jerry Jahnsen 20pts
T33. Shawn Wilhoit 15pts
T33. Tim Brown 15pts
T33. Doc 15pts
T36. Stan Allen 10pts
T36. Chuck 55 10pts
T38. Brian Chucky Davis 5pts
T38. Kelley Bluebaugh 5pts
T38. Boddie 5pts
T38. Daddy Dave 5pts

NPK points after Maple Grove and the final race of Cody Baker/Eric Kvilhaug

1. Ryan Martin 85pts
2. Eric Kvilhaug 80pts
3. Cody Baker 70pts
4. Kye Kelley 60pts
T5. Scott Taylor 55pts
T5. Justin Swan 55pts
T5. Robin Roberts 55pts
8. Lizzy Musi 50pts
T9. Rich Bruder 45pts
T9. Disco Dean 45pts
T11. Jerry Bird 40pts
T11. Murder Nova 40pts
T11. Birdman 40pts
T14. B-Rad 35pts
T14. Mike Murillo 35pts
T14. Larry Larson 35pts
T14. Kamikaze 35pts
T18.Tony McKinney 30pts
T18. Wayne Smozanek 30pts
T18. Chuck Seitsinger 30pts
T18. Randy Williams 30pts
T22. Jim Howe 25pts
T22. James Strang 25pts
T22. Brandon James 25pts
T25. Mike Bowman 20pts
T25. Johnny Quick 20pts
T25. Eric Bain 20pts
T25. David Adkins 20pts
T29. Monza 15pts
T29. Shawn Wilhoit 15pts
T29. Bobby Ducote 15pts
T32. Jerry Jahnson 10pts
T32. Chuck 55 10pts
T32. Tim Brown 10pts
T32. Jeff Lutz 10pts
T32. Doc 10pts
T37. Daddy Dave 5pts
T37. Kelly Bluebaugh 5pts
T37. Boddie 5pts
T37. Stan Allen 5pts


T1. Eric Kvilhaug 55pts 
T1. Ryan Martin 55pts
T3. Cody Baker 50pts 
T3. Justin Swan 50pts
T3. Robin Roberts 50pts 
6. Scott Taylor 45pts
7. Kye Kelley 40pts 
T8. Jerry Bird 35pts
T8. Murder Nova 35pts 
T8. Lizzy Musi 35pts 
T8. Birdman 35pts 
T12. B-Rad 30pts
T12. Rich Bruder 30pts
T12. Larry Larson 30pts
T12. Kamikaze 30pts 
T16. Disco Dean 25pts
T16.Tony McKinney 25pts
T16. Mike Murillo 25pts 
T16. Randy Williams 25pts
T20. Wayne Smozanek 20pts
T20. Jim Howe 20pts
T20. Chuck Seitsinger 20pts 
T20. James Strang 20pts 
T24. Mike Bowman 15pts 
T24. Johnny Quick 15pts
T24. Eric Bain 15pts Texas
T27. Jerry Jahnsen 10pts 
T27. Chuck 55 10pts 
T27. Monza 10pts 
T27. Tim Brown 10pts
T27. Jeff Lutz 10pts
T27. Doc 10pts 405
T27. David Adkins 10pts
T27. Brandon James 10pts
T35. Bobby Ducote 5pts 
T35. Boddie 5pts 
T35. Shawn Wilhoit 5pts
T35. Daddy Dave 5pts 
T35. Kelly Bluebaugh 5pts


  • T1 Ryan Martin 40
  • T2 Justin Swanstrom 35
  • T2 Robin Roberts 35
  • T4 Eric Kvilhaug 30
  • T4 Kye Kelley 30
  • T4 Jerry Bird 30
  • T4 Murder Nova 25
  • T8 Lizzy Musi 25
  • T8 Birdman 25
  • T8 Scott Taylor 25
  • T8 B-Rad Brad Eglian 25
  • T8 Cody Baker 25
  • T13 Rich Bruder 20
  • T13 Disco Dean 20
  • T13 Larry Larson 20
  • T13 Tony McKinney 20
  • T17 Mike Murillo 15
  • T17 Kamikaze Chris 15
  • T17 Wayne Smozanek 15
  • T17 Jim Howe 15
  • T17 Chuck Seitsinger 15
  • T22 Mike Bowman 10
  • T22 Johnny Quick 10
  • T22 Jerry Jahnsen 10
  • T22 James Strang 10
  • T22 Chuck 55 10
  • T22 Eric Bain 10
  • T28 Monza 5
  • T28 Shawn Wilhoit 5
  • T28 T Brown 5
  • T28 Daddy Dave 5
  • T28 Jeff Lutz 5
  • T28 Bobby Ducote 5
  • T28 Boddie 5
  • T28 Doc 5
  • T28 Kelly Bluebaugh 5
  • T28 Randy Williams 5
  • T28 David A 5