Outlaw Armageddon 8- Small Tire Full coverage #noprep #dragrace #dragracing #smalltire

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Outlaw Armageddon is the biggest no prep race deep in the 405 territory and it is on its eight season. This year the small tire class was the biggest it has ever seen. 66 of the baddest small tire cars from across the nation battled it under the July Oklahoma heat on a no prep surface to be the top dog at the end. Racing went till 4:30 in the morning when the final was run.

Time stamps
0:00 intro
5:40 Roger Cullum vs Chris Raska
7:00 Cali nate vs Jason Rank
7:46 Daniel vs Cole Norton
8:46 Ryan Mitchel vs Matt B
10:05 Kassidy Cox vs Mark Kaspour
10:56 Spencer Lee vs B. Murdock
12:02 Rusty Beaver vs Bank Robber
13:02 Apollo vette vs Dylan C
14:16 Silver back gorilla pass
15:35 Brian Adams vs Todd Spiers
16:35 Baleigh Y vs Logan Medcalf
17:28 Chad Weiss vs Dan Stanley
18:37 Josh vs Brendan Mock
19:48 silva nova vs black mustang
20:50 Scott Taylor vs Charlie Brown
21:59 John Andrade vs Ryan Grogg
22:59 Substitute maverick vs Dylan Wells
24:02 Derrick Bailey vs Chance K.
25:05 Randy Westmoreland vs Daniel P
26:30 Murder nova vs Chris Varni
27:54 Ray Allen vs Justin Reed
28:54 Josh Steele vs Chris Slevert
29:54 Phantom vs Tyler Myers
30:46 Randy Self vs Andrew Sprain
31:54 Josh Henson vs Terry Thompson
32:54 Russell Stone vs Doug Malmay
34:39 Danny Turney vs Brandon G
35:46 Chris Grefton vs Bye
36:48 Ryan Martin vs Trevor D.
38:00 Steve Picket vs White Camaro
38:52 Brent Self vs Swampthing
40:07 Kelly Jones vs Boost 12
42:03 bye run
43:02 Russell Stone vs Bailey Y.
44:06 Dan Stanley vs Daniel Parchar
45:27 Scott Taylor vs Dylan Wells
46:27 Brendan Mock vs Dennis Bailey
48:05 Steve Pickett vs Terry Thompson
49:19 Ryan Martin vs Cole Norton
50:21 Brent Self vs Jason Rank
51:21 Andrew Sprain vs Roger Cullum
52:27 Mark Kaspour vs KC Max
53:27 Danny Jurney vs Chris Grefton
55:02 Derrick Bailey vs Kelly Jones
56:07 Russ Freeman vs Isaac Preston
57:09 Todd Spiers vs Justin Reed
58:33 Murder Nova vs Chris Slevert
59:33 Spencer Lee vs Bank Robber
1:00:15 Ryan Grogg vs Phantom
1:01:35 Scott Taylor vs Russell Stone
1:02:45 Ryan Mitchell vs Richard M. Blue mustang
1:03:59 Ryan Martin vs Brent Self
1:05:17 Andrew Sprain vs Terry Thompson
1:06:24 Daniel Parcher vs Chris S.
1:07:24 Kelley Jones vs Isaac Preston
1:08:24 Danny Turney vs Todd Spiers
1:09:24 Ryan Grogg vs Brandon Mock
1:10:34 Bank Robber vs Bye
1:12:58 Ryan Martin vs Terry Thompson
1:14:07 Isaac Preston vs Daniel Parcher
1:15:20 Bank Robber vs Russell Stone
1:16:29 Todd Spiers vs Ryan Mitchell
1:18:13 Ryan Grogg vs Todd Spiers
1:19:27 Russell Stone vs Daniel Parcher
1:21:12 Ryan Martin vs Bye
1:22:12 Ryan Martin vs Todd Spiers
1:24:58 Outlaw Armageddon small tire final Ryan Martin vs Daniel Parcher

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