Precision Turbo and Engine

Precision Turbo and Engine

Precision Turbochargers

Precision Turbo and Engine was founded in 1987, and since then, it has become a leading producer of aftermarket turbochargers with a focus on performance.

Since the late 1990s, their manufacturing site in Northwest Indiana has supplied high-performance turbochargers to customers all over the world, setting the benchmark for unmatched quality and performance.

For all racing organizations and Original Equipment Manufacturers like GM, they have designed, tested, and produced record-setting and championship-winning turbochargers over the years.

Precision Turbo and Engine Achievements

PTE has achieved countless milestones throughout its history, revolutionizing turbocharging technology and setting new standards time and time again. Let’s take a look at some of PTE’s most impressive accomplishments.


When it came to qualifying for the 2014 PDRA, Troy Coughlin was in fourth place after completing a 3.925 at 198.88 mph, followed by Turbo Todd Moyer in the sixth, Jim Bell in the eighth, and Craig Pio in the thirteenth.

Moyer and Pio both won their first-round elimination matches, but Coughlin was not present to begin play. Both Pio and Moyer proceeded to the second round, but only Moyer could repeat his first-round success in the quarterfinals. After working his way up the tree for the night’s last heat, Moyer gave it his all but finished a hair behind the leaders.

A Legacy of Innovation

Precision Turbo & Engine has made numerous innovations over its 30+ year history. One such innovation was the first V-band Turbine Housing, which was designed to reduce turbo lag by allowing for faster spool-up times.

This technology is now widely used in modern turbochargers. Another major innovation was the roll-forming process used in turbine housings, which allowed them to be produced more quickly with better quality than ever before—this process is still used today in nearly all turbine housings.

Additionally, Precision Turbo & Engine developed the first ball-bearing turbochargers for production cars, allowing for higher levels of efficiency and improved performance.

Notable Achievements

The company’s achievements include winning multiple championships on the drag racing circuit with their turbocharged vehicles.

In 2016 RTRA, after the first round of PDR eliminations, Valden, Woodruff, Paddock, and Ayers all emerged victorious, while Wolfe was eliminated. In round two, Valden and Ayers continued their winning ways while Woodruff overcame Paddock.

Semifinalist Valden, whose car was one of three using Precision turbochargers, set a new world record of 3.856 seconds at 212.26 miles per hour and went on to win the race and the championship.

Valden confirmed his victory in the finals with a record-breaking run of 3.859 seconds at 212.26 miles per hour.

In 2020, Precision Turbo & Engine won back-to-back NHRA Pro Mod world championships with two different drivers—Shane Molinari and Khalid alBalooshi—using their patented billet wheel turbos.

Hosting Racing Programs

Precision gives back to the community and the racers that strive for greatness in several ways, including through their robust contingency program. Several of racing’s most prestigious groups—including the NHRA, ADRL, PSCA, WCHRA, and others—have ongoing collaborations with PTE.

They take great pleasure in hearing about the successes of their customers and in being acknowledged for the contributions their products have made.

The contingency plan isn’t limited to the racing industry; it may also assist local businesses in increasing revenue. In the absence of regional traders and suppliers, speed demons would be unable to procure the vital components necessary to set new world records.

Dealers and distributors are encouraged to use the financial incentives provided by the contingency program to assist in keeping their operations afloat.

New Releases

Mirror Image GEN2 PT6266 & GEN2 PT6466

Mirror Image GEN2 PT6266 & GEN2 PT6466

The Precision Turbo Mirror Image GEN2 PT6266 & GEN2 PT6466 turbochargers offer amazing performance along with a symmetrical look unmatched by other units.

Designed from the ground up to meet the demands of street, race, and show cars, these turbochargers are engineered for peak efficiency, low emissions, and lightweight.

The result is an exceptionally reliable piece of equipment that will bring your vehicle to a whole new level with continuous power and reliability.

With the latest design elements combined with proven technology, you can rest assured that these turbochargers will provide superior performance on any ride.

Mirror Image GEN2 PT7675

Every enthusiast’s dream is to maximize their vehicle’s performance, and the Precision Turbo Mirror Image GEN2 PT7675 turbochargers can do just that.

With an air-cooled, dual ceramic ball-bearing Center Housing Rotating Assembly (CHRA), they provide a faster transient response as well as higher thrust capacity than regular turbochargers.

But wait, there’s more; a 76mm GEN2 CEA® compressor wheel combined with a 75mm CEA turbine wheel are precisely engineered in order to maximize power and efficiency. The Mirror Image GEN2 PT7675 turbochargers will help you reach the peak performance of your vehicle.

1,350HP LS-Series PT8284

1,350HP LS-Series PT8284

Precision Turbo has engineered an impressive turbocharger with their 1,350HP LS-Series PT8284 Turbochargers.

This turbo is fitted with an 82mm CEA® compressor wheel and an 84mm CEA® turbine wheel, making it the perfect choice for the incredibly popular LS family of engines.

Specifically created with the LS enthusiast in mind, Precision Turbo offers three separate housing options: T4 .96 A/R, T5 .96 A/R, and T5 1.08 A/R.

Easily suited to both single and twin setup configurations, these turbochargers also benefit from v-band discharge for a worry-free downpipe installation, achieved by using either the 4″ turbine housing discharge of the T4 option or the 5″ of the T5 option.

Take Away

PTE has made remarkable strides since its inception over three decades ago. With numerous world records under its belt and countless innovations that are still used by racers today, it’s no wonder why PTE continues to be one of the most respected names in the racing industry.

Whether you’re looking for reliable performance or maximum power output, Precision Turbo & Engine offers unbeatable quality backed by decades of experience, continuing to raise the bar far above all others year after year.

If you want top-tier results from your race car’s engine system, then Precision Turbo & Engine is your go-to source.