Procharger: Is it The Winning Power Adder in No Prep Racing?

Procharger Superchargers

Procharger Superchargers


In the world of No Prep Racing, where power and performance are everything, one power adder has emerged as the weapon of choice for the winningest combos: Procharger. With its innovative design and unmatched performance, Procharger has solidified its place as the leading supercharger in this adrenaline-fueled motorsport. In this article, we will explore why Procharger has become the go-to choice for racers in No Prep Racing, examining its unique features, advantages, and the impressive results achieved by Procharger-equipped vehicles on the track.

The Power of Procharger

At the heart of Procharger’s success lies its centrifugal design, which sets it apart from other power adders in the market. Unlike turbochargers that rely on exhaust heat transfer, Procharger superchargers are not exposed to such limitations, allowing them to deliver superior power and efficiency. These self-contained units are highly efficient, providing significantly cooler air temperatures compared to other power adders. This cooler air-charge reduces the risk of detonation and maximizes power output—an essential factor in the high-stakes world of No Prep Racing.

Unleashing the Potential: Procharger’s Lineup

Procharger offers a diverse lineup of superchargers tailored to meet the specific needs and power goals of racers. Among their latest and most powerful options are the D-1X and P-1X models. The D-1X is designed for vehicles that have already undergone modifications or those that are planned for future upgrades. With a rating of 1,000 horsepower at the crank, the D-1X provides racers with room to grow into their power goals. On the other hand, the P-1X is the perfect choice for those seeking even more power. With a compact design that supports up to 875 horsepower, the P-1X offers an impressive increase of 50 horsepower over its predecessor.

Advantages of Procharger

Procharger superchargers offer several advantages over alternative forced induction methods, making them the preferred choice for No Prep Racing. One major advantage is their easy bolt-on installation, eliminating the need for complex bracket fabrication or exhaust rerouting. Procharger offers a range of different housings, allowing racers to find the perfect fit for their specific engine combination. Additionally, Procharger superchargers are internally oiled, eliminating the need for external oil coolers or additional lines. This simplicity and reliability make Procharger an unbeatable option for racers seeking maximum power with minimal hassle.

Easy Power Upgrade: Swapping Superchargers

One of the standout features of Procharger’s lineup is the ease of upgrading to more powerful superchargers. With the mounting holes and brackets remaining the same across most of their superchargers, racers can easily swap to larger blowers as their power goals evolve. By simply switching the head unit, racers can increase power levels from 875 horsepower to well over 1,200 horsepower. This flexibility allows racers to adapt and push the limits of their vehicles without the need for extensive modifications or costly replacements.

CARB-Legal Power: Procharger’s P-1X System

For car enthusiasts living in states with stringent emissions regulations, Procharger offers a game-changing solution. By installing the P-1X system on a completely stock vehicle, racers can enjoy monstrous power without compromising CARB-legal compliance. This means retaining creature comforts like power steering and air-conditioning, while still experiencing the exhilaration of driving with a supercharger. The P-1X system provides a perfect balance between performance and legality, making it a dream come true for car enthusiasts across the nation.

Procharger’s Domination on the Track

The proof of Procharger’s superior performance lies in its domination on the track. Procharger-equipped vehicles have achieved an impressive 52 national and regional event wins in 2019 alone, far surpassing their competitors. With 44 #1 qualifiers and 17 new records, Procharger continues to be the power adder of choice for racers seeking maximum performance. From drag racing to road racing, Procharger-equipped vehicles consistently outperform the competition, showcasing the unrivaled power and durability of Procharger superchargers.

The Winning Formula: Procharger’s Superior Technology

Procharger’s success can be attributed to its constant drive for innovation and technological advancements. With each new iteration, Procharger pushes the boundaries of supercharger design, resulting in more efficient and powerful units. The latest P-1X and D-1X models incorporate cutting-edge technology, allowing racers to achieve higher horsepower outputs while maintaining the same physical size as older units. By fine-tuning impeller size, height, and weight, Procharger has unlocked the potential for even greater performance, propelling racers to victory on the track.

Unmatched Reliability and Ease of Use

Another key factor contributing to Procharger’s popularity in the No Prep Racing community is its unmatched reliability and ease of use. Procharger superchargers are known for their simplicity of design and ease of maintenance. With a self-contained oiling system, there is no need for external oil pumps or complicated maintenance procedures. Procharger-equipped vehicles can hit the track season after season without worry, with the blower requiring inspection only every few years. This reliability, combined with Procharger’s user-friendly installation process, makes it the ideal choice for racers seeking a hassle-free power adder.

Procharger: A Legacy of Excellence

With over 25 years of experience, Procharger has established itself as a leader in the world of supercharging. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its extensive lineup of high-performance superchargers and their unrivaled track record of victories. Procharger’s dedication to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction has made it the go-to choice for racers looking to unleash the full potential of their vehicles. Whether it’s on the drag strip or the road course, Procharger continues to prove why it is the winning power adder in No Prep Racing.


In the adrenaline-fueled world of No Prep Racing, racers demand the best in power and performance. Procharger has risen to the top as the preferred power adder, offering unrivaled performance, reliability, and ease of use. With its centrifugal design, Procharger delivers cooler air temperatures, reduced risk of detonation, and maximum power output. Whether it’s the D-1X, P-1X, or F-1A-94, Procharger offers a range of superchargers to meet the diverse needs and power goals of racers. With Procharger, racers can easily upgrade their superchargers for even greater power, all while maintaining CARB-legal compliance. The track record of victories achieved by Procharger-equipped vehicles is a testament to their superior technology and unmatched performance on the track. Procharger’s legacy of excellence and commitment to innovation make it the winning power adder in No Prep Racing.