Ryan Martin Goes PROCHARGER for the 2021 Season

Ryan Martin Fireball Camaro

Fastest, yet unproven NPK car

Over the years most of us started viewing Ryan Martin as the quiet guy that gets the job done.

One of the biggest reasons he has been getting the job done however is his incredibly powerful Fireball Camaro, a machine put together so well that seldom needs any repair once it is out in the open street or the track.

Even with astonishing numbers like 1500 “laps” under the belt, the Fireball was still happy to pick up the front left tire off the ground, disappear from view towards the finish line, and show the competition its laundry.

While many racers would love owning a car like that and would be happy to keep it in the races, Ryan Martin did not get to the top of the game by staying behind, so understandably he solicited the built of something even faster.

As soon as the third season of the No Prep Kings Championship was finished, Ryan announced his 2018 ZL1 Camaro which has been built by Bill Gilsbach, the same guy behind the abovementioned Fireball Camaro.

While it was first announced with the same twin-turbo setup as the old car, these days the new car is sporting a huge procharger connected to the Proline racing engine, a combination that would not leave him wanting for more power, no matter the surface.

Since this machine was produced in order to defend Ryan’s No Prep Kings Championship title, unfortunately, we have yet to properly see it in action. This arguably might be the fastest car in the No Prep world which has yet to prove itself and the reason for this is simple.

Ryan did not want to use this car on the street instead, he opted to keep the Fireball on the streets where it belongs, and use this one at the track. So until we get to see this ZL1 spin a wheel in anger at the track, a first start video is all we are going to get.


DADDY DAVE brings you a sneak peek of it making a lick