Street Kings No Prep Showdown Under the Lights 3

Street Kings No Prep

Showdown under the lights 3

***2019 CLASS RULES***

Presented by Lindale Clinics


*SB Turbos/Blower/Nitrous- 2450lbs
*BB Turbos/Blower/Nitrous- 2650lbs
*Door Cars only
*Vehicle must start from inside, no external start or jump off

SMALL TIRE RULES presented by Nitrous Express
*No Chassis cars
*Stock Suspension or Back Half cars only
*No wheelie bars
*AWD Cars permitted
*Tires- 28×10.5 non W or smaller/275x 60 drag radial

STREETFIGHTER presented by Prospeed Autosports
*Stock suspension cars/trucks only (IRS and factory 4 link only,
No retrofit 4 link/ladder)
*Aftermarket suspension components allowed as long as they bolt to OEM locations, move in of rear strut/shock permitted for tire clearance as long as suspension advantage is not gained, must be cleared at tech.
*AWD cars permitted
*No wheelie bars
*No lexan
*Stock firewalls, can be notched for clearance
*Full interior, rear seats can be deleted
*working headlamps, tail lamps and turn signals
*must be registered and insured
*unlimited power adders
*Tires- M/T 275 drag radial (pro allowed), Hoosier quick pro
28×11.5, ET Street R bias 28×11.5, M/T ET streets 28×11.5
or smaller DOT tire, M/T 3554
*20 mile street cruise required for all vehicles (will draw opponent, then make cruise, then line up for first round, no fuel top off, adding
of ice to A2W systems ok, tire pressure adjustment

*Stock suspension only (no aftermarket 4 link/ladder)
*Aftermarket suspension components allowed as long as bolt to OEM locations
*AWD Trucks and SUV permitted
*Must be registered and insured
*No wheelie bars
*No lexan
*Full interior
*All tires permitted
*Unlimited power adders

5.80 Index
*Door car only
*No throttle stops
*No test hits

All classes no testing, no qualifying, random draw for lineup,
straight into eliminations. Pimp juice allowed for burnout.
Courtesy staging enforced, Protree, no burnout past beams,
No times shown, Grudge race/callouts are welcome in between rounds.