Street Outlaws Franchise To Begin Season Premieres Jan. 10-11 2022

“Street Outlaws” Launching Three Back to Back Season Premieres for 2022

Street Outlaws Franchise To Begin Season Premieres Jan. 10-11



The New Year offers three new back-to-back season premieres of the Street Outlaws franchise – Street Outlaws: Farmtruck & AZN, Street Outlaws: OKC and Street Outlaws: Fastest In America. Get ready for some twists, turns and surprises with the famous names of street racing that will also include some heart, soul, grease and grit mixed in with good times.


It all begins Jan. 10, as viewers learn who the Fastest in America will be, bond more with the OKC crew and recognize two familiar Street Outlaws names who are sure to offer higher levels of zany builds and pranks.


All episodes will be available on Discovery and Discovery+.


Street Outlaws: OKC is the first to premiere in the line-up, with the 405 gang together once again. A year after Big Chief introduced America’s List, and starts with an all-out qualifier that offers a brand new start for everybody. Focused on starting anew, Chief looks at bringing back the friendship and teamwork that was the heart of the group.


The season is focused on improving the team as a whole, not just individually. However, Chief isn’t going to make it easy with some surprise races in the mix. And, tragedy is set to strike a crew in one of Outlaws’ most catastrophic accidents ever.


Street Outlaws: OKC will premiere Jan. 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.


Next to premiere is Street Outlaws: Farmtruck & AZN, which is well-known for its craziness in terms of pranks and builds. The street popularity of this duo and their TV career began when they raced a farm truck – the ultimate sleeper. The pair opened a top-secret garage with a singular goal – showing that a car should never be judged by its appearance.


Street Outlaws: Farmtruck & AZN proves that even a prison bus can be made into a dragster. With the kinds of builds sure to enthrall viewers, the show proves that no idea can’t be made into reality… all it needs is wheels.


Street Outlaws: Farmtruck & AZN premieres Jan. 10 p.m. ET/PT.


Rounding out the Street Outlaws premieres franchise is Street Outlaws: Fastest In America, which begins with a huge street race with eight of the U.S. best teams. The winner of this epic race will walk away with more than $100,000 in prize money as well as bragging rights for being the Fastest in America.


From the very beginning, JJ and the team will participate in all events with other racers such as Chris Rankin of the Northeast, Jerry Bird, Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi of team NOLA and a plethora of others. A brief look at this series of the Street Outlaws finds that this will be the wildest and most brutal season by far.


Street Outlaws: Fastest In America will premiere Jan. 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.