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What’s up welcome to hanging with stats episode number 10. uh tonight I’m going to recap the no prep Kings Las Vegas race that just happened this past weekend as well as I’m gonna be joined by a couple of guests in a little bit um someone talk to those guys it should be uh should be a cool little episode tonight so uh what’s up the Bob guy what’s up man Griff what’s up guys um so I always start with the show with my shout outs um hey Capri how you doing what’s up big Kev so I always start with my shout outs this past weekend so my first shout out is uh to Murder Nova got into the grade eight he won a coin he won the chip draw got into the grade eight beat all three other guys in the drift draw to get in there um so that was a win in itself um and then he goes on to beat Kai Kelly in the first round and wins the grade eight so that was his first no prep Kings event win of his career um if you guys remember a couple of years ago for team attack him and Ryan Martin had uh made it to the finals and they decided not to uh race but so this was his first event win um in his career so shout out to Murder Nova he’s really flying as of late especially um and he’s been he’s been earning his way just like that he’s up to he’s up he’s got 10 points already now in the grade eight for winning it so he uh he’s knocking on the door man he’s he’s uh he’s doing well so shout out to him another shout out is uh Hey Mazda RX hey how you doing Brad what’s up hi Barbara hi Laurie um shout out to Dan Merchant so Dan merch has been flying all year he’s made a bunch of finals um he won his first grade eight finals a few races ago I forget which one that was um but he’s been to three I think Invitational finals now and he got his first invitation to win so congratulations to Dan Merchant um we thought I’d talk about him a lot on my shows he’s been flying all year he’s so fast um so he got his first win his rookie season got his first main uh Invitational wins for shout out to Damon um I also want to give a shout out to Larry Larson uh Larry Larson made the finals um an Invitational on Saturday and um this was Larry’s first time making the finals since season two as you know Larry’s uh struggled in recent Seasons um ever since basically ever since he stopped racing the or could not could no longer race the S10 um he’s been racing the Cadillac and he just struggled until this year he’s actually been pretty consistent usually Larry goes about two rounds um he’s been getting points I think he’s we’ll go I’ll go over the points but he thinks he’s in like the top 12 now on points but shout out to Larry it’s good to see him back uh going rounds going deep into the Invitational rounds um so shout out to Larry making it to the Invitational finals um one more shout out I want to do and I’ve been because I’ve been getting a lot of messages is about the points and there’s only six races left who still has a chance to win um stuff like that um and I’ll get into that but I want to shout out to Nate Saylor um obviously he’s a personal friend of mine friend of the show supports me a lot but he quietly is fourth in Invitational points and now after making it to um the finals in the grade eight on Friday he’s now fourth in grade eight points too so shout out to Nate um he hasn’t won an event yet this year he’s been to a couple finals one Invitational and one grade eight finals um but he is slowly racking up the points um this past weekend he went to the finals in the grade eight and then he went to the semifinals um in the Invitational so shout out to Nate nobody’s uh you know you talking about everybody’s talking about Damon and and Kai and you know and stuff like that and rightfully so um Lizzy but nobody’s really talking about Nate but he’s quietly just racking up the points um making the top fives every week so um shout out to Nate uh okay let’s go uh we’re gonna do the Vegas recap kind of going a little faster than I normally do through this stuff just because I have guests coming on they’re going to come on at 8 15. central time so um about 10 minutes um but let’s go over the longest Las Vegas recap uh so Friday night we had the grade eight um like I said Murder Nova was the lucky eighth guy in the great eight he ended up winning it but in the first round we had Kayla Morton beat Lizzie musee uh Nate Saylor beat Damon Merchant ax man beat Giuseppe and then like I said Murder Nova took out Kai Kelly which is a big win for him um so Kai actually who was the points there he earned zero points in the grade eight um this past weekend gave a chance for other people to catch up and some of them did gain a couple points on him um so second round we saw Murder Nova beat Kayla Martin and then we saw Nate Saylor beat X-Men and then for the finale uh Murder Nova beat Nate sailor to win his first grade 8 event of his of the season and of his career so that was the grade eight um the great eight totals I do have a picture of that uh if you guys can see it let’s see let’s see that’s the current grade eight standings um Kai Kelly’s in first with 47 points Giuseppe remains in second with 27 um X-Man gained X pretty much every week X-Men games about three points he’s usually going to the second round uh so X-Men’s in third place now by himself with 22 points and then we got a three-way tie for fourth place between Nate sailor Damon Merchant and Kayla Morton they all have 13 points um and then we have a three-way tie for seventh place Ryan Martin who won one event um Murder Nova who’s won one event and then David Gates who won one event so wow those are your three guys tied for a seventh and then Kelly Mills is 10th place with seven points um so those are the great eight standings as of right now back to the comments what’s up Rick how you doing man appreciate you too brother no prep no prep racing no prep if they think it’s no and shout out to Rick in the comments um no prep racing followed on Facebook Instagram everywhere shout out to him great supporter of the show um so let’s go over the uh uh Invitational matchups so as I always read 32 Invitational drivers there was two rounds of race your way in on Friday night that determined the field it’s a part of the field so Saturday invitation we saw Kyle Canyon beat disco Dean um Robin Roberts beat Paige Coughlin doc love beat Kayla Morton hey Tom Pierce how are you doing hey Adam how’s it going man so doc love will be Kayla Morton X-Man beat Lizzy Musi Jeff Lutz beat John Odom uh Jim Howe beats Scott Taylor Ryan Martin beat Giuseppe two teammates racing uh Nate Taylor beat Chuck 55. clay Colby Bobby Tony McKinney Beat Justin swanstrom another two teammates racing uh Daniel Merchant beat David Gates Kelly beat Jimmy Taylor Larry Larson B Brandon James Rich Bruder beat daddy Dave Chris Rankin shout out to Adam frock who’s in the comments Chris Rankin beat Cali Mills and Murder Nova beat b-rad second round we saw Kyle Canyon Beat Ryan Martin uh Nate staler took out Murder Nova so in a rematch of Friday night uh they got the Nathan Murder Nova matched up in the second round on Saturday and Nate won this time maybe marinova Robin Roberts beat X-Men Tony McKinney got another win B clay Cole uh Larry Larson took out doc Damon Merchant beat Jim Howe Kai Kelly B Rich brooder and battle of the turbos Jeff Lutz beat Chris Rankin um third round we saw Damon Merchant take out Kai Kelly uh that was a big win for Damon uh as you know kai blew something um Damon was out ahead when Kai blew his blew his whole hat off his motor and everything um but um so Damon Merchant got cat Kelly I know kai Kelly’s kind of been whipping him a lot this year but Damon has got a couple now back on Kai so uh Larry Larson beat Kyle Canyon Jeff Lutz beat Tony McKinney and Nate Saylor beat Robin Roberts um so the semifinals we saw Daniel Merchant take out Nate Saylor they’ve raced a lot this year they are both on team Bodie um so they even beat Nate and then Larry Larson beat Jeff Lutz that was quite the match-up uh as you know maybe you don’t know those guys uh there’s no love lost there between those two guys and it was like a little uh when Larry faced Jeff in the semifinals it was a little like bringing back the old times you know the old times are no prep games when lots and Larry were and we’re in the semifinals all the time so it was cool to see that um and then for the finals we saw the emergent beat Larry Larson appreciate you Greg thanks man um yeah so David Merchant got his first event win of no prep King’s um Invitational win of the season I do have two of the standings for that it’s really small not sure if you’re gonna be able to see it or not but I will read it off anyway so for Invitational points on Saturday this is the team points now okay this is not the uh individual points it’s Invitational points uh Kai Kelly is in Seoul first place he has 310. the merchant is in second with 290. Lizzie Musi is in third with 270 Nate Sailors and fourth with 220. Kayla Martin’s in fifth with 200 uh there’s a two-way tie for six between Robin Roberts and axeman they have 190 points there’s a two-way tie for eighth place between Giuseppe and Murder Nova so those nine that I just named um eight of them will be your grade eight for this upcoming week in Ohio uh Giuseppe and Murder Nova will either have a chip draw for the A spot or maybe they will race off as we saw Scott Taylor and I believe Rob Roberts did in Colorado so that’ll be your top eight uh let’s take that off there um so um as always I go over so that’s that’s basically the recap of of this past past weekend um I will admit Friday um I am central time so Vegas is Pacific time it’s two hours before me so when they had those oil spills and or the oil downs and everything like that like I went to bed man it was like I think the great eight started at like 12 30 my time it started first round at 12 30 my time and I was like I just I knew I wasn’t gonna make it through the whole thing so I was like I’m just gonna go to bed and wake up early and try to watch it on I watched it think shout out to uh upshift 360 and watch the watch the passes in the morning when I woke up so that was nice um but I just couldn’t I couldn’t last you know what I’m saying so I did immediately I did not watch the grade 8 live on Friday night um but I did Saturday night there wasn’t as many Saturday night was good it ended at a good time um so as always I do my surprises uh my not surprises and my overreaction so my surprises was Larry Larson man like I said Larry Larson’s been consistently like going a couple rounds every week um he’s been in like a top 20 for points he’s been really the only guy on Disco Dean’s team get any points every week um so but it was surprising I will say it was surprising for Larry to finally get that power rolling deep into the to the rounds the no prep Kings events so um it’s a good surprise you know it’s Larry Larson right it’s about season one and season two that guy was fast as hell and he was always going late around so it’s good to see Larry doing it again I was surprised but that’s my surprise of this past weekend uh not surprised that Damon finally winning a Invitational he’s been to so many finals he’s won a grade eight so it was only a matter of time before Damon in my opinion was going to win an Invitational and um he finally did so shout out to him I was not surprised that he did um as you he posted a picture today that guy can 60 foot with the best of them so um yeah he’s flying Tom Pierce I’ll answer some questions in a minute if you have any questions post them again um in a minute um my overreaction um would be that um my overreaction would be that Kai Kelly has it in the bag and he’s going to win it all okay there are six races remaining as you see the grade 8 is Cutthroat man coyote on the first round and he gained zero points in the grade eight so if let’s just say for example if Kai goes a couple of weeks in a row here where he doesn’t get any points in the grade eight and someone like Giuseppe or Nate or X-Men wins one or two I mean they’re right back in it you get 10 points for winning one and Kai has a 20 25 point lead so um it’s definitely not over and um expect just because of past years expect there to be some multipliers you know maybe a point and a half race or a double Point Race or something like that expect that to happen too so there’s tons of season left Kai does not have it in a bag we all know every season comes down to the last race um and I expect that to happen this year again so my overreaction would be that Kai is going to win the championship um he’s gotta don’t get me wrong Kai definitely has the tools to do it um and he has he has a commanding lead it’s it’s in his control right now um so it’s gonna be on him it’s up to him if he’s gonna win it but um I just wanted uh talk about a couple stats before I get my guests on here they’re waiting right now um so so far in nine Invitational races this year there’s been nine Invitational races there have been 12 different drivers in the finals so when nine races 12 different drivers of magnafinals that’s crazy um in comparison through 15 races we’ve only had nine this year 15 races last year 13 people made the made the 13 different drivers made the uh Invitational finals so this year on Pace to surpass that as I keep saying every week um this year is more competitive it’s really anybody’s race there’s 10 at least 10 guys I mean there’s 12 guys who have made a final so you could say at least so far 12 guys who could who could have won every week so um notice that is in eight in eight eight of the grade eight races so there’s been eight grade eight races this year there have been 10 different drivers in the finals in comparison only there was 10 different only 10 different drivers in the whole 15 races last year of grade eight so the grade 8 is more competitive as well um so I’m just kind of using those stats to show you how competitive this year is compared to last year um and how uh how the competition is so good that um it makes it exciting man it makes it exciting to not know who’s gonna win every week you know it really is don’t leave me wrong Kai’s been Kai’s been dominating you know Kai’s always in the mix you know in the late rounds I usually take something catastrophic failure for him not to make it to those late rounds but it is cool seeing these other guys make it to the finals so I will take a couple questions before my guest comes uh if you have any questions real quick um I’m gonna have a couple guests on here guests who are waiting I don’t know if you can hear me or not but you I’ll be I’ll get you on in a second I just want to take a couple questions before I get you guys on I thought I saw something about the pecker extender I did Packer gate is that what we’re calling it Packer gate okay so I hope I don’t get banned or something for saying that on here but um I did hear about that I heard that both Nate Saylor and Robin Roberts um were uh what do you call it uh uh I can’t think of the word right now but anyway they had to prove that they’re um Packer extender was to the length it was supposed to be now from what I understand is there’s a minimum length there’s a minimum distance they can have it from the ground so yeah protest it thank you Jacob so both Nate Taylor and Robin were protested for their pecker extender being too short Too Short too close to the ground I guess it’s got to be a minimum of three inches um talking to people about the situation like when you move later on in the car and you make changes in the car that’s one thing that you think you you’re set on um is how low it how low it goes but if you also move some weight to the front or something it’s going to bring that backer extender down a little bit and you know and you might not be within the rules but seeing the fact that they were both protested and both of them um both of them were actually illegal during that race um they call it like a you know what’s fair is what’s fair what’s equals what equal so Nate ended up crossing the Finish Line first so he got the win so um I don’t know if that was a call by the race master or call by the show or whatever but um yeah that’s my understanding is they were both protested they were both illegal for that race against each other um so instead of having nobody win they just said okay well you’re both illegal with the same exact infraction so it wasn’t like somebody had a more of an advantage than the other person in that race they both were illegal on the same infraction so um they called it what it was fair race and uh Nate moved on so that was the that was what I understand of the pecker extender gate uh to clear it up I’m sure I’m sure it’ll be talked about on the show I’m sure there’ll be some drama when the show comes out about that little pecker extender thing I’m sure there is I’m not going to get into that um because that’s not what I do on my show but it’ll be on TV you know it will so uh nonetheless I want to bring my guests on here so um it’s a cool little experience before I bring them on a cool experience for me um someone gave me an idea and I thought it was a great idea because as you can as I’ve always had here is on drivers I pretty much I think every single show I’ve done I’ve had just drivers on here but so I change up a little bit differently I’m going to add these guys in right now add hey man what’s up fellas how you guys doing good how are you can you hear it can you hear me can you hear me all right I’m gonna uh first off before it yep you sound good okay yeah you always sound good Jimmy do I look good though well that’s I mean that’s up to interpretation I guess I just want to adjust the layout here one second before we get into this the first time I’ve done this where you guys have come on um during the live feed I just want to see the layouts here hey how about that guys like that better I don’t care what’s up fella so for the guys watching people watching right now we’ve got 1450 people on um joining me are Brayden eglian and Jimmy ha okay these guys are two of the young guys um um involved with no prep Kings um if you don’t know Braden is b-rad’s son um helps out he’s on the crew he’s on Brad B Rad’s crew um an integral part of his crew and then Jimmy Howe obviously is Jim Howe’s son same thing he’s on his crew too I want to bring these guys on tonight because for two reasons basically um one is I want to shine a little light um to the fans about what happens about the people in the background people that don’t get seen on TV but are really important parts of um every race program um and then the second thing is I’ve personally seen these guys kick ass at the races do their do things over the top like help other people out that aren’t even in their race program so I wanted to shine a little light on these guys um and uh bring them out to the show and ask them some questions so first off how do you guys do it man what’s up what’s up Brayden where are you guys uh where you guys at right now are you on your way to Ohio yet did you get there yet yeah we just made it home two hours ago uh we’re heading up to Ohio on Thursday night I think but so you just got home from Vegas what was that you just got home from Vegas is what you said yeah okay and you’re heading up to Ohio in a couple days yeah how far it’s probably pretty close for you huh nice nice thing what about you Jimmy where you at you are you home from Vegas um I’m at a friend’s house in OKC you’re an OKC okay I got you man what uh what are you guys having leaving for uh for Ohio well my dad and them are already on their way there oh okay that’s good that’s good so are you are you driving too high are you flying or what are you doing uh yeah I plan to drive okay nice um so let’s get to a little bit guys so both of your 18 is that correct yes sir and both of you have graduated yes sir not yet Braden you haven’t graduated you are a senior you are a senior right now yeah so let’s start with you then man how does being no because you are full-time with your dad racing no rip Kings how does that work out with your school schedule I mean I mean you can get off like with this thing I can get off like 10 days at a time or something and I gotta do my schoolwork online but I’m still at school and all that I don’t know it’s not bad but it’s it’s a lot yeah I can only imagine like I you is your mom ever concerned that you’re about your grades and stuff maybe slipping if you’re spending too much time at the track that’s good that’s good Advantage Jimmy you great you just graduated right um so this is yeah this has turned into your uh you have no worries now you have no commitments to go to school all week you can just travel all all season and and do your thing my dad said he lost audio but I think it’s because he doesn’t know how to use Facebook he lost okay okay well yeah you never know what the old man uh anybody watching can you all hear us good because I can hear Braden and Jimmy Howe fine just waiting for some comments to pop up all right audio looks good here maybe it’s just you Jimmy you need to teach your old man how to use uh how to use technology man you’re gonna get a set of a class for them um so Jimmy so you’re not in school right now so what during this season here what’s a normal week look like for you as far as traveling or um do you fly do you drive do you does your dad let’s take the total home the trailer or anything like that what’s a normal week for you um a normal week consists of uh uh he will not let me drive yet he insists on him driving now I have drove like trucks and stuff to the track before to pull like small trailers but I don’t drive the motorhome or the tractor trailer um other than that I know what we consist of we get to know prep Kings on Thursday we set up right um let me go over race Friday uh race Saturday we pack up and head to the next race and uh sometimes we’ll stick around Sunday and do maintenance depending on what we messed up the weekend before so what is your main job on the race crew Jamie um I can do everything pretty much uh wherever I need to be at is wherever I’ll be at so um nice I personally I’ve seen you line up the car I’ve seen you working on the car I’ve seen you help out pretty much I’ve seen you personally do everything I think and I think you hit it right in the head you know I’m still learning there’s a there’s so much to learn and I’m starting line-tuning it’s the tuning side of it now but uh uh I can I can pretty much do everything nice man that’s uh that’s got to be great for your head Dad to have have you be able to do that learn from him you know learn how it’s supposed to be done how he wants it done and how it should be done because your dad’s very successful when it comes to racing so that’s that’s cool man what about you Braden what’s the normal week look like for you especially with school now and stuff like do you do you fly to these events now with school starting or how does it how does it work out for you drive to him still like these next six races they’re not pretty far away the only only far one away is Texas but I get off school on Fridays and it’s really bad missing a few days yeah no that’s that’s got to be great actually do all your classmates know that’s what you do uh pretty sure most of them do it that’s cool if you’re watching right now actually that’s cool man hell yeah that’s that’s really cool so what uh what is your job Braden what’s your what do you do on your on your old man’s crew there I do all the maintenance in between rounds um I line them up I do everything like I’m sorry I’m learning how to build motor now myself or not myself but he’s teaching me all that still I’m still newer with all this um I’ll probably probably learn how to tune eventually soon pretty soon I still gotta do the plugs my day I can’t do the plugs he puts them in backwards the plug wires You Gotta Give the old man a break you know he’s that’s what you’re there for you’re there so it catches you know his uh not his errors his errors in his age how about that yep yep um so Braden like what up how long have you been how long have you been traveling with your dad doing this have you done this all throughout High School like how many how many years you’ve been doing this I think I’ve probably been doing it for about three years I’ve been traveling with them we’ve gone to a few before that not much but I’ve started really helping them I think about three years ago okay what about you Jimmy same um and no prep teams or in general uh no prep Kings how long you been traveling doing this uh 15 race schedule three years three uh every race and I got sick every Friday at school hey it happens man it happens what’s that I said covid-19 hit me bad every Friday yeah yeah I can imagine yeah everybody had to go through it um so Jimmy what’s your so what’s your short-term future look like for you now so you’re not you’re out of high school you’re traveling with your old man doing the crew thing full-time do you do you have any plans to race oh Braden’s gone do you have any we can keep going maybe uh we were getting too serious for them or something but uh do you have any plans to race in the future do you want to just be a crew guy like what what is your future plans man um I’ll actually be racing in Pennsylvania I’ll have my car back uh we’re gonna try to make it to Ohio um but it did the stars are just not align so uh I’ll be backing up I cannot talk today I’ll leave and so I’ll be back in Pennsylvania I’ll be running an outlaw big tire there and and I plan to build a car this winter and I run up with teams next year full time nice man that’ll be awesome hey Brad thanks for joining us I don’t know what happened there it’s all right that’s all right man it happens all the time this is what you get when you go live um so Jimmy so you’re gonna be racing this you haven’t raced a car yet right this year um I’ve drove some cars this year but I have not raced you’re correct right you haven’t raced uh the warden so you’re gonna be racing the warden what are you saying okay I’m big tire out loud big tire hell yeah man that’s cool man so that’s is that kind of what you want to do you know what I mean is that what you want to do at some point race race like yearly race every week stuff like that you know everybody always says Uh Justin did a pretty good job of showing it that you couldn’t race through full time and uh I feel like I can do it just as uh everybody else’s dream is and uh I’m gonna continue to strive at that goal until it uh is uh not shown to work hell yeah man that’s that’s good that’s good I uh Tony McKinney um says hi to you guys big head Tony McKinney um Braden so what about you man what’s what’s your future plans with all this stuff do you want to do you want to race at some point are you cool with being the main crew Guy what’s what’s your plans buddy I want to race eventually uh maybe just some small Tire stuff maybe big tire I don’t know I don’t know we’ll see I whatever comes first I don’t know maybe you can keep the tradition going and race the Lumina for like for like year 40 or something like you’ll let me drive it I think it’s awesome that uh your dad has had that car for so long and still races it at a really high competitive level too you know what I mean it’s it ain’t like uh I didn’t like it slacking at all you know obviously everybody has struggles throughout the season but um yeah it’s great seeing that car do so well man in no prep game so um so one of the main reasons you guys I wanted to have you guys on tonight is because um of the Drake Illustrated 30 under 30. um if anybody’s heard of this watching it or not um but basically um Drake illustrator gives out awards every year for um the top guys top people involved in Drag Racing um top 30 people who are under 30 years old um Jimmy you have to be Jimmy and Braden are both 18 you have to be 18 in order to be involved in this in order to be nominated and voted for um so first off boys where can people go to vote for you guys because you guys are nominated in it so where can they go put you on the spot yeah you can go to and uh there should be a link under there for 30 under 30. I was not what’s on their Facebook page too I’m pretty sure so go on there guys come over for Jimmy vote for Braden um see if we can get them on the the 30 under 30. um give me if you were named to the 30 under 30 what would it mean to you man um it would mean a lot uh I’m sorry I seen 30s uh it would mean a lot uh there’s so many people out there that are so deserving of it so uh if I’m not chosen I understand it’s cool uh because like I said there’s so many talented people out there under the age of 30 that I feel like are uh way better than I am and uh but we’ll see how it goes um I’m always learning and uh I would uh I’d love to be a part of it for sure but like I said I definitely feel like there’s a lot of nominee nominees out there and uh a lot of decisions to be made definitely what about you Brad what would it mean to you if you were named to the 30 under 30. it’d be pretty cool I mean it’s and I’ll get it I don’t get it because I’m I’m 18 just starting it there’s what how many years a lot of years ago 12 more years yeah it’ll be pretty cool definitely yeah you guys I think you guys um you know doing stuff like this being being because you guys are both like out there now you guys will be on TV a lot a lot you know you guys are lining up the cars you guys are prominent on TV now like everybody can see you now you know what I mean and you guys are in social media I know brand you’re helping you’re helping your dad a lot with the social media part um Jimmy you need to start helping your dad with a social social media fun um but um so I just wanna I just wanna first off I want to thank you guys for coming on the show tonight um and I want to tell share a couple stories about you guys so um there could have been a bunch of other people I had on and you know did this nomination for the the di30 under 30 but I’ve personally seen both you guys go above and beyond just even in your own crew now you guys are both amazing crew guys for your own Cruise um but Jimmy Howe one night it was in uh most recently Colorado both of you guys Jimmy in Colorado I think it was um it was Thursday night uh we were loading the we’re at Ryan’s pit and we’re unloading a barrel of fuel from the truck to the trailer and Jimmy’s not in running screw at all okay Jimmy was over by us he saw a bunch of us old guys older guys over there struggling with this heavy ass burial feel so Jimmy hopped up there didn’t nobody even asked him top up there and rolled it onto the trailer um and it’s just little things like that I was like Wow damn you know thanks kid like all of us have bad backs but you’re not going to have it but you know you’re you don’t have a bad back yet you’re going to have one when you go there if you keep doing that but it was like it was cool to see Jimmy do that Jimmy has no you know no ties with Ryan nothing like that he just went up there and helped he saw some people need some help with the barrel and he helped us so that was one cool story about you Jimmy and then Braden I think it was Colorado as well I saw you were you lying up Chuck you were lying up Chuck’s like singer’s car um because Chuck needs some help with you know with didn’t have many crew guys there or something and you were lying to Chuck up you know what I mean it’s like it just awesome dude like to line somebody else up a competitor against you like Chuck’s not even on your on your on your team for this you know what I mean and you’re helping him out just helping out a you know a friendly a friendly driver so just two instances of both you guys where you guys went above and beyond um and I think that’s I think you guys do that Weekly I just saw personally but you guys do it every week um you guys are huge aspects part of your teams um and I hope both of you get the nod for the 30 under 30 be really cool I think you guys both deserve it um so I appreciate you guys coming on tonight um I hope you guys have good luck this week this weekend um Braden keep on your grades buddy I always got to keep on your grades and Jimmy I’ll talk to you I’ll talk to you both both you guys this weekend but Jimmy I can’t wait for you to get racing in the in the warden again so thank you guys for coming on appreciate you guys and I hope you guys have a good night all right we’ll see you what race car um I’ll be in Ohio this weekend and then uh Michigan and then at least Texas but maybe Alabama too so I’ll see you guys tomorrow Michigan I want to make sure you’re on the starting line when I come by doing a burnout I’m gonna make sure I blow your hat off dad that would be great hell yeah Jimmy let’s do that all right fellas you guys have a good night and I’ll talk to you later all right yeah