Chitown’s King of the Street: Homecoming


Chitown’s KOTS 2019 has returned home to US41 Motorplex.  After many races at other tracks, it has finally returned to where it started.

There are 7 different no prep classes in this competition.  There are no times, no speeds.  The first to the finish line is the winner.  It has a .400 pro tree start for all classes.

The classes are as follows:  Hard Tire, Jr. Bike, Junior, Gangster, Senior, Unlimited, and Street 275.

They had some notable changes this year as compared to 2018.  They added a Yacht Club Class.  The venue changed back to where it started.  They could do burnouts past the starting line.  There were changes made to the maximum size on several classes.  The Senior Class by in is only $1.  There were changes to the Jr. Bike Format.  The Sr. Bike class has been permanently removed.

KOTS is the original “no prep” event.  They do not touch the track for the entire event, unless there would be a wreck or oil down.  The races are all “1st round off the trailer”.  There are no test hits on the day of the race.  When doing burnouts, they must start in the designated burnout boxes and can go as far as they like, using water only.  The first-round matches are drawn, then it becomes brackets.  They use a .400 pro tree, 7 second time out, for all classes.  The last racer to draw, automatically advances to race against the first racer drawn in the following round.   The drawing racer will have lane choice.  If they cross the center in front of the opponent before the win light indicates a winner that will result in a DQ but if you are behind and cross does not DQ.  If the pare has double reds the first to go red is the loser.  All cars must have NHRA approved diapers or retention pans.

After the drivers meeting, they have the Street Life Cruise.  All entries must be registered and insured.  The cruise is between 10-45 miles.  Passing the lead car or falling behind the chase vehicle will result in a DQ, including getting pulled over.  They are to stay within the staging lanes until they are released.  Drivers or crew are not allowed to changed tires or rims.  You race on what you cruise on with tires.  Each car must complete the entire cruise under vehicles own power.

The Hard Tire “220” Street Life Class must have minimum 220 UTQG treadwear rating.  They cannot have AWD.  The race is 1/4 mile.  All FWD’s must stage with rear tires.  There is a$100 entry that is due at the lock in.  The money is an 80/20 split with a 16-car field.  The winner for this class was Stockish with Bombsqd as the runner up.

The 275 Street Life Class has maximum 275 drag radials.  They may race an AWD.  All FWD stages again with back tire.  This class only goes an 1/8 mile.  There is a $200 entry fee due at the lock in.  This class is 16 cars and sponsored by 1320 Wheels.  This year’s winner was the KilPil with Murphey Jenkins as runner up.

The KOTS Jr. Class is any tire 26″ tall, DOT approved drag radial.  All stock type and after-market suspensions are approved.  The axle/rear control arm mounts may be adjustable/multi-hole but must retain the stock bracket location.  It is highly recommended you have a cage/chassis.  You cannot have back half/tubular frame rails.  You may not have wheelie bars.  All cars must have all DOT required equipment installed and functional.  This includes lights, horn, turn signals, etc.  The firewall must be complete OEM in factory locations.  They must have all OEM-type glass windows that have to be able to roll up and down.  You must have mufflers exit out the rear axle.  Inside the car, you must have all factory type interior, such as headliner, carpet, door panels, dash, two front seats.  Must have an internal combustion engine only no other restrictions.  You may have any type of power adder.  They race a full 1/4 mile.  It is a $200 entry due at lock in.  Payout for this class is $5000 to win and $1000 runner up.  This year’s winner is Orange Whip and runner up is 274 Motorsports.

The KOTS Gangster Class is any 26″ tire.  They may have any rear suspension.  Must have stock style front.  They may not use wheelie bars.  They are encouraging the using of your chutes.  This race is only 1/8 mile.  It is a $200 entry due at lock in.  They payout is $8000 to win and $1000 runner up.  This race is sponsored by DK Contractors.  There is only 8 minimum and 16 maximum cars.  This year’s winner was Boost 12 and runner up Gypsy.

The KOTS Unlimited Class must have doors but no rails/funny cars.  The minimum tire height is 29″ and may be any width.  The race is 1/8 mile.  They ask that you use your chutes.  They will also allow pro mods to enter this class.  It is a $200 entry due at lockin.  The payout for this class is $3000 to win and $1000 to the runner up.  This class is sponsored by Monkeyshine.  This year’s winner was Riddler and the runner up was Bad.

The KOTS Senior Class is 28×10.5 non-W or 275/60-15 tires.  It may have any rear suspension and any front suspension with the wheelbase 2″ from OEM.  There is no wheelie bars allowed.  It must have doors.  The recommend they use the chutes.  The race is 1/8 mile.  It is a $1 entry due at lock in.  The payout is $10,000 to win.  This class is sponsored by Traction, Boosted and Midwest Tint and Vinyl.  This year’s winner was Tony V and runner up was Food Stamps.

The KOTS Jr. Bike Class is true hand clutch.  The bike must have DOT tires and no wheelie bars.  To enter this race, you must complete the cruise.  You must run the same fuel tank in the cruise and competition.  This race is 1/8 mile.  It is $150 entry due at lock in.  The payout is based on bike count.  If there are 8 or more bikes Heyyo adds an additional $500 to the payout.  This year’s winner was Stoll Racing with the runner up Black Widow.

Be sure to check out the website for Chitown’s KOTS for 2020 to see what exciting things they have coming.  Welcome back to US41 Motorplex!