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Palmetto No Prep “The Thaw Out 2.0″ Back of the Track Racing at Darlington Dragway!!!!

February 25, 2022 - February 26, 2022

Palmetto No Prep “The Thaw Out 2.0" Back of the Track Racing at Darlington Dragway!!!!
The season opening back of the track no prep in the Carolinas is once again at Darlington Dragway with The Thaw Out 2.0!!!!
•Lock In Day: January 3rd, 2022 7:00pm
•Tech Day: February 25th, 2022
•Race Day: February 26th, 2022
Classes for The Thaw Out 2.0 will include:
•Small Tire (64 Spots) Sold Out
•Big Tire (32 Spots) $300 Entry ($100 Lock In)
•Outlaw Real Street (32 Spots) Sold Out
No Double Entries
Small Tire
•28×10.5 Non W, 28×11.5 DOT Bias Ply, or 275/60/15 Drag Radial (325/50/15 OK)
•No AWD Allowed
•Any Power Adder
•Stock Style Suspension or Back Half
•Must be a Production Vehicle with body panels (front end maybe removed)
•Exterior Rear Weights OK (Must be properly secured and mounted at tech discretion)
•No Wheelie Bars
•No Double Entry in Any Other Class
Big Tire
1. Any Chassis Allowed with Doors (No Roadsters) Front end removal allowed, must retain all other body panels. Exterior rear weights properly secured and mounted ok at tech discretion.
2. Any Size Tire on RWD/FWD. No AWD Allowed
3. Wheelie Bars OK
4. Any Power Adder
Outlaw Real Street
•28×10.5 Non W, 28×11.5 DOT Bias Ply or Any 275/60/15 Drag Radial (325/50/15 ET Street R OK) Max on RWD 15 Inch Wheel. 17 Inch-Up Wheel Any Size Slick or Radial on RWD
•No AWD Allowed
•4 or 6 cylinder or Small Block V8 Only (Conventional, LS, Mod Motor)
•Any Power Adder
•Any Transmission
•Must Have Current Tags, Registration, and Insurance (no dealer or transporter tags)
•Working Headlights (In Factory Location) and Tail Lights Required (On After Dusk)
•Front Windows Must Retain the Ability to Roll Up and Down
•Front Interior: 2 Covered Seats (Kirkeys OK with Cover), Factory Style Dash (can be aftermarket)
•Stock Style Suspension Only (Straight Axle Swap OK)
•Must Retain All Body Panels, no exterior weight mounting
General Race Rules
•Pour your own puddle race (glue only, no water burnouts). 2 burnouts max (tire turns it’s a burnout) All glue burnouts must be done behind the burnout line. A dry hop can be done infront of the burnout line.
•No Front End “Pecker” Extenders Allowed in Any Class
•All pairs will be done by random draws every round.
White Chip: Left Lane
Red Chip: Right Lane
Green Chip: Bye
•You can not double enter the same car in two different classes unless noted.
•Each race will start off flashlight start. Your crew member will bring you to the “ready” line and the flagger will pull you to the starting line. Once on the starting line, if you move forward before the light, it is a jump. Tire crack rule will be in place (if tire cracks after set by the flagger but before the light, it’s a jump). We will have a camera setup to determine any jumps or tire cracks.
•Crossing the center line results in disqualification. Tire must cross the center line, not the body. No out of bounds in the lane, hitting your wall does not result in disqualification.
•Flagger has final call no matter what. Camera will be at the 1/8th to determine close races, but call will be made by the flagger.
•When we page for your class, you will go all the way to the second shutdown entrance and pull into staging on the second half of the shutdown. We will run without you if you do not make the call in a timely manner.
•Each racer will receive 1 driver armband and 4 crew armbands. No one else will be permitted with the car on the line.
•0 Tolerance on test hits within Darlington Dragway property. If you do this, you will be disqualified, forfeit entry fee, and be escorted off the property.
•Be respectful of your fellow racers and show sportsmanship.
•If a car cannot crank or has a problem in the staging lanes, once their opponent reaches the burnout box they will be put on a 3 min timer. If car does not make the time, then they will be disqualified and their opponent will have a competition bye. Once both cars have crossed into the burnout box, if any car has issues they will have 2 minutes to resolve the issues before the competitor is given a competition bye.
•The only cameras used to make any calls are those of Darlington Dragway, we will not use an outside source.
Small Tire
•Matt Ryce (DNR Auto)
•Andrew Bell (KOTV)
•Robert Presnell
•Robert Presnell
•Michael Hicks
•Tim Huddleston (Ghostbusters)
•Josh Embry
•Ryan Mitchell (KC Maxx)
•Mike LaBarbera
•Daniel Bishop
•Andrew Blanton
•Mike Gunter (FYF Miss Duct Tape)
•Tyler Gravitt
•Richie Stine (MASO)
•Jeff Thomas (Tre Styles)
•Brian Ownby
•Ben Harris
•Slick Nick/Landrum Gentry
•Adam Hodson (MAK Gap Train)
•Wyatt Rummage
•Kevin King
•Brian Ownby
•Turbo John Phillips
•Bubba Phillips (Side Chick)
•Bubba Phillips
•Jordan Merseal
•Kendall Goin (Team Skinnies)
•Nathan Jordan (White Trash)
•Justin Merrill
•Timothy Garr
•Robert DeFilippo
•Brenda Webb
•Brenda Webb
•CJ Buckner (Raggedy Anne)
•Derek Whitt (Dirty Dirk)
•Vic Owens
•Chifen Parker (Schedule Keeper)
•Mike Fulbright
•Colt Coffey (MAK Johnny Cash)
•Charles Corriher (Team Denver Patches)
•Shawn Fensler (MAK Bumper Wilson Tuning)
•Mara Williamson
•Mara Williamson
•Christine Elenbark (War Machine)
•Michael McCoy
•Randall Billings
•Randall Billings
•James Ritchie
•Kyle Secrist
•Nickie Floyd (Lil Psycho)
•Jake Boswell
•Jarrett Bradshaw (Team Denver Willie Dynamite)
•Lance Weindel
•Justin Smith
•Sy Belote (Hooligan)
•Robert Itani (Chicken Hawk)
•Sam Hood
•Douglas Guidry
•John Smith
•Chris Becker
•Jeff Plemmons
•Carolina Dee
•Shawn Clos
•RW Jordan
Outlaw Real Street
•James Newton
•Doug More
•Doug More
•Daniel Watts
•Jason Rooks
•Jeff McDonald
•Brian Baldwin
•Doug More
•Ryan DeBolt
•Trevor Whittaker (The Hoodrat)
•Daniel Watts
•Vincent Dombrowski
•Curtis Gause
•Logan Terry (Area 51 Racing)
•Michael Laney
•Tracey Holtzclaw (Area 51 Racing)
•Eric Burdette (Loretta)
•Jason Rooks
•Austin Shepherd (Mak)
•Mike Butrim
•Houston Peyton (KOTV Whittey)
•Adrian Whitson (Whittey’s Daddy)
•Brenda Webb
•Alan Robinson (MAK)
•Benji Ross
•Scott Shelhart
•Mason Colley
•Johnell Strong
•Jacob Blackwell
•Travis Martin (MAK)
•Dean Moslow (Section 8-Devil’s Z)
•Matthew Aureli
Big Tire
•Lenny Melton
•Ryne Moonshower (MAK Moo Mod)
•Nicky Bobby (MAK Uncle Sam)
•Don Saporito
•Paul Chittum
•Kendall Goin
•John Smith
•John Townsend
•Martin Miller
•Brad Digges
•Jason Lowery
•Jeremy Singleton


Darlington Dragway SC
2056 E Bobo Newsom Hwy
Hartsville, SC 29550 United States
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