Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Invade National Trail raceway in Hebron OH for RACE 1 of the 2021 NPK Season

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings National Trail Raceway 2021 RACE 1

Friday, June 4th the fans and racers started rolling into National Trail raceway in Hebron, OH. Just east of Columbus, OH. Freshly remodeled and new bleachers standing tall it looked as if National Trail Raceway was ready for a packed house. An early stroll through the pits showed the likes of Ryan Martin, Daddy Dave, Bobby Ducote, John Quick all setting up and getting ready for the weekend. During these No Prep Kings events they also have events like 7.0 index, Small Tire and Daily Driver, and those drivers too were seen pulling in and getting ready to do battle on the untouched surface. A small tire field of 23 battled it out on Friday night and again on Saturday with up to 32 cars. Each night they put on a show for the sold-out crowd. Friday night the crowd got to see the big names battle it out in some grudge matches and showed everyone what was in store for Saturday! The crowd on Saturday was the largest we have ever seen at National Trail Raceway in quite a long time. It is estimated to have reached upwards of 12,000 spectators, and every fan got their monies worth. We saw 48 drivers battle it down to 1. Each round it seemed Ryan Martin was the guy to beat, but Tony McKinney in his big tire invitational debut, The Bird Brothers, and Kye Kelley were not far off from him. It all came down to two. Jerry Bird in his nitrous assisted Probe and Ryan Martin in his Procharged Camaro. The green comes on and they were off. It was a close race to the 330-foot mark where it became clear who the winner was going to be; Ryan Martin was about to become $25,000 richer. For the first event of the 2021 No Prep Kings series the bar was set pretty high as Ohio did not disappoint! Who wins the next the one? You’ll just have to buy your tickets and head to Palm Beach Raceway in Jupiter, Florida on June 18th and 19th.