Shawn Wilhoit The Mistress

Shawn Wilhoit is bringing a new mistress to the party for 2019

It goes without saying that Texas has produced some pretty badass drivers and cars.  Shawn Wilhoit is just one on that list.  Shawn comes...
Barefoot Ronnie Pace

Going ALL IN with Barefoot Ronnie and Emerald Pace

When you hear the term “all in “you usually think to poker tournaments or betting like that, but not normally drag racing. When it...

Q&A with Connecticut’s No Prep Killer, Noah Stein

The no prep world sees all sorts of competitors, from the loud and flashy to the quiet more reserve home built hot rods, the...
Cody Baker Shake N Bake

Cody Baker Ready to Shake Up the No Prep World this weekend

It’s Sunday evening, a football game is on in the background, and Cody Baker is lying under his 1969 Camaro, affectionately named Shake N...
Ricky Wildman Wilson

Ricky “Wildman” Wilson unleashes the Junkyard Dog

Ricky the Wildman Wilson. Just the name alone should catch your attention. Ricky is a no-name guy just trying to make it up the...

TX2K: 2020 What is it all about?

March 13-17, 2020, at Houston Raceway Park is where it happened. What is it you ask? It is the premier streetcar automotive event...

Kallee Mills stepping it up for 2020

Kallee Mills has grown up with drag racing her entire life. From junior dragsters to X275, she’s no stranger behind...
Brad Eglian

Brad Eglian – “Small town drag racer reaches new heights”

Modest to say the least, Brad Eglian is a true blue car guy. Growing up in Alexandria Kentucky, Brad came from a...

No Prep Racing: Up Close And Personal With The Birdman

There is no question that No Prep Racing has its own share of established heroes. This is a racing discipline that continues to gain...
Robin Roberts High Voltage Racing

Behind the Visor with Robin Roberts and Team High Voltage Part 2

Part 3: Intermission Our alarms go off Thursday morning at 9:45 – a late start on a normal day, but one that feels incredibly early...
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