Shake N Bake Camaro vs Dixieland at Lone Survivor no prep

Engine Combo… Supercharging

Supercharging…The term used to describe “enhancing” or “intensifying.” In the world of engine combinations. Both descriptions are accurate, because that’s exactly what it...

Technology replaces cubic inches

“Technology”…Just the word congers up thoughts of laptop computers, cell phones, GPS and all the small electronic devices, designed to make our lives easier....
Kye Kelley Shocker on small tires vs Kenjo Kelley's turbo fox at small tire legends

Engine Combo… NOS

Nitrous Oxide…Also known as “laughing gas” in the Medical field, as it puts patient’s in an intoxicated state, has more uses then your local...
Traction Compounds

Sticky situations in Drag Racing

Traction compounds have been around since street racing started. Everyone wanted to get down the street the quickest. They would try some crazy ideas...




Ricky Wildman Wilson

Ricky “Wildman” Wilson unleashes the Junkyard Dog

Ricky the Wildman Wilson. Just the name alone should catch your attention. Ricky is a no-name guy just trying to make it up the...